Izumi "Zoe" Orimoto
Age: 10 (going on 11)
Grade 5 (Grade 7 in dub)
Pink and Lilac D-Tector

Kazemon - Human Spirit of the Wind
Zephyrmon - Beast Spirit of the Wind
JetSilphymon - Both spirits (Cards only)
Ancient Irismon (Ancient warrior of Wind)

Zoe is the only girl on this adventure. Zoe's family took her to Italy for 2 years and when she returned to Japan she wasn't getting many friends. Girls would talk about her behind her back and poke fun at her for her Italian background. She never thought that one day she would get friends and they would end up saving another world. She was cooking a pizza when she got the message on her phone. "Do you want to play a game?". As instructed, Zoe goes to the Train Station. Later she's sitting in the cart with JP and Tommy, then greets Takuya. The Trailmon his a bump and they all fall on the floor. Zoe's phone then turns into a D-Tector. Zoe is a girl that isn't afraid to speak her mind. As the only girl in the group, she often shows a strong personality. She can have a temper and when she does, look out. JP has a big crush on her, but we sorta see her finding some kind of connection with Takuya during the Royal Knights series. She's always muttering Italian words and has been known to be quite thrashing towards the boys in some episodes. Zoe can be sweet and gentle, but that can all change if her friends are in danger. That is why she wields the spirit of wind and with it she kicks evil in the butt. She and Ranamon become rivals, and even bigger rivals once they both obtain their Beast Spirits.

Zoe first gets her Human Spirit of Wind in Episode 4, Kazemon Kicks it, when three Mushroommon Digivolve together to make Woodmon. Though after she got the spirit and became Kazemon, she was unable to defeat Woodmon and instead Lobomon made a scene and defeated him for her. In Episode 16, The Swiss Family Digimon, after the boys get their D-Tectors stolen by some Toucanmon and they make a boat with some Gomamon to get to another island through some whirlpools, Ranamon appears. With Zoe being the only one who can evolve she goes to fight. Ranamon drenches Kazemon in her Draining Rain and she falls into a whirlpool and sinks, leaving the other distraught. Zoe appears to be sinking, but then gains the ability to breath underwater. She turns right side up and a clam opens with her Beast Spirit in it. She takes it and shoots out of the water, stopping the whirlpools, and Beast evolves into Zephrymon. Once Ranamon slides into her Beast Spirit, Calamarimon, and loses control, she flies off. Don't worry, Zoe will get her in Episode 26 ;). Finally in Episode 50, End of the Line, Zoe, along with JP and Tommy, fuses together with the 10 spirits along with Takuya and Koji to become a stronger Susanoomon so they could finally defeat Lucemon Satan Mode as one. The final battle begins.

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