Tomoki "Tommy" Himi
Age: 9
Grade 3 (Still in Grade 3 in the dub)
Green D-Tector

Kumamon - Huamn Spirit of Ice
Koriikkakumon - Beast Spirit of Ice
DeiPenmon - Both spirits (Cards only)
AncientMegatheriumon - (Ancient Warrior of Ice)

Tommy is the youngest of the new gang. He was small and kinda wimpish, a good target for bullies. He does get bullied a lot and often tries to run away. He has an older brother, but he's to busy to even spend time with or help Tommy. One day Tommy got his message while leaning against a tree, after another bully bash. "Do you want to play a game?" Tommy agrees with himself and follows the instructions. When he gets down to the Trailmon Station he meets up with the same bullies from before. They start pushing him around and just as the Trailmon are about to leave they shove him onto one and laugh. Later he's sniffling while Takuya, Zoe, and JP look at him. A bump knocks them all down and Tommy's cell phone turns into a D-Tector. Tommy is sorta like S-1 TK. He cries a lot and even more during the season, but soon doesn't do as much of that once he gains his spirit. Takuya tries to be a big brother to him, and Tommy considers him as one.

Tommy may look like a wimp, but he makes up for it later on. He shows braveness when Agunimon got attacked by all the Candlemon in Episode 2. He also met up again with those bullies in Episode 40 and even ends up saving them! Eventually they apologize and Tommy see's them off with the other kids they were with in Episode 41. Tommy wields the spirit of ice, and it gives him much confidence in himself. With it, Tommy doesn't let evil push him around. Tommy first gets his Human Spirit of Ice in Episode 3, Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire, when Agunimon was being attack by Candlemon. Tommy stepped in to help and that's when a spirit broke free and went to Tommy, making him into Kumamon. Together, Kumamon and Agunimon blew out the candles. In Episode 17, Bizarre Bazaar, Tommy finds the D-Tectors at a Pawn Shop owned by Datamon. He wins a game and a prize, which Datamon takes and then starts tinkering with the D-Tectors. Tommy pleads for them, but Datamon refuses to give them to him unless he can find the Toucanmon. Tommy fails and starts to return with Takuya and the others. Arbormon comes and attacks Datamon, turning into Petaldramon. Datamon gives Tommy and the others their D-Tectors. Datamon then reveals to Tommy that the prize he won in the game was actually his Beast Spirit. Tommy Beast evolves into KoriIkakkumon and sends Petaldramon packing. Finally in Episode 50, End of the Line,Tommy, along with JP and Zoe, fuses together with the 10 spirits along with Takuya and Koji to become a stronger Susanoomon so they could finally defeat Lucemon Satan Mode as one. The final battle begins.

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