Takuya Kanbara
Age: 10 (going on 11)
Grade 5 (Grade 7 in dub)
Black and Red D-Tector (He gets a second D-tector see items to see it)
Agnimon (Human Hybrid of Fire)
Burning Greymon (Beast Hybrid of Fire)
Aldamon (Human + Beast Combined)
EmperorGreymon (Fire,Wind, Ice, Earth Wood {Human and Beast})
Susanoomon{all spirits and Takuya w/t Kouichi giving them some of the dark power of Lucemon FM}
Ancient Greymon (Ancient Form)

The fourth season, the fourth goggle boy. One day Takuya was sitting at home waiting for his little brother Shinya's birthday party to start. That's when something happened that would decide his destiny. A message appeared on his mobile phone. "Do you want to play a game?" Takuya figured he didn't have anything better to do so he pressed yes and that's when instructions where given to him, by Ophanimon, to go to the Train Station to catch a train leaving soon. Takuya followed his gut and goes. After a few mishaps, he makes it just in time. He spots another kid, Koji, and follows him off the train to an elevator. Takuya jumps in and the elevator starts to descend deep down, below the train station. Just as the doors open, that's when a bunch of other kids are running around. There are a bunch of Trailmon ready to leave. Koji leaves without saying a word and Takuya runs towards a Trailmon, catching it before it got to far away from him as it took off. While on, he walks into a cart and finds JP, Zoe, and Tommy. They greet each other and a bump knocks them all onto the floor. Takuya see's images of the Human Hybrid Digimon on the others and that's when his phone turns into a D-Tector. Takuya is just like the old goggle boys, ready to jump in a fight without thinking about what he's actually going to do. He has his brash moments with Koji, but Koji is only trying to get him to realize that he needs to think about the other children's safety before doing something stupid. You could say that he taught Koji a thing or to as well, like how to be a brother to somebody for Takuya acts like an older brother to Tommy. Takuya shares a Tai and Matt relationship with Koji, but in the end they both fight along side each other instead of with eachother. Takuya is brave and thus wields the spirit of fire.

Later, Takuya finally realizes the true meaning of the spirit and about Digimon and does everything he can to make sure that his friends don't fall to evil. He first obtains his Human Spirit in the first Episode, All Aboard, during a fight with Cerberumon, who was trying to find the Human Spirit of Fire and take it for himself. Takuya stands in his way and during the fight he combines with it to become Agunimon and defeats Cerberumon. In Episode 11, A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon, Takuya receives the Beast Spirit of Fire, BurningGreymon, after defeating him when Shamanmon was possessed with it. Though at first he can't control it and gives the others some pain, he eventually does. In Episode 22, Home Again Takuya Returns after Duskmon attacks and Koji jumps infront of an attack meant for Takuya, we see Takuya as Flamon. He's back home at the time before he went to the Digital World. But he's a Digimon and decides to stop himself from going to the Digital World, but in the end let's himself go and returns to the Digital World himsef right after the battle. In Episode 28, Darkness Before the Dawn, Takuya was in a fierce battle with Mercurymon inside of Sakkakumon. Mercurymon fused with Seraphimon's Fractal Code to become ShadowSeraphimon. He thrashed Agunimon and BurningGreymon and when all hope seemed lost a strange light was given off by Seraphimon's Digiegg giving Takuya the ability to fuse with both his Human Spirit and his Beast Spirit to become Aldamon, and he gives ShadowSeraphimon the beating of a life time.

In Episode 35, Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution, during the battle with Cherubimon and after Ophanimon was defeated, Takuya get's one last gift from Ophanimon. His D-Tector changes and with the others help of transferring the spirits of Earth, Wood, Wind, and Ice, Takuya was able to combine them with his own and become EmperorGreymon. Together with MagnaGarurumon, they defeated Cherubimon and put him in his place. Finally in Episode 48, The Brothers of Yin and Yang, when the team was getting their butts kicked by Lucemon CM and Koichi, as Loweemon, saved them and gave his Spirits of Darkness to Koji, Takuya and Koji were able to combine all 10 Spirits together and fuse together to form the ultimate form, Susanoomon. The battle to decide the fate of the both worlds began.

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