Name: Kouchi "Koichi" Kimura
Japnese Name: Kouichi Kimura
Age: 11
Grade: 5 (Grade 7 in dub)
Black D-Tector

Duskmon - Corrupted Human Hybrid Spirit of Darkness
Velgmon - Corrupted Beast Hybrid Spirit of Darkness
Loweemon - Human Hybrid Spirit of Darkness (L-Spirit)
JagerLoweemon - Beast Hybrid Spirit of Darkness (K-Spirit)
Reichmon - Both Spirits (Cards only)

Koichi wasn't known about at first, and even when he was it wasn't known that he wasn't really there. It all started when Koichi's parents split up and his father took his twin, Koji, away while his mother kept him. He never knew about his father or even about Koji, until one day when his ill Grandmother told him everything he had to hear. After that he found where Koji lived, though never brought up enough courage to actually walk up and see him. One day, while Koji was following the directions given to him by the mysterious voice on his phone, Koichi was following him. This of course isn't known until Episode 22, when Takuya returns home as Flamon. Koichi just misses Koji and Takuya on the elevator and see's that it is heading down. Quickly, he runs around the corner and begins to go down the stairs. He eventually trips and falls, hitting his head and blacking out. We then find him wandering around in darkness. He grows angry about everything. About his parents splitting up, how he takes care of his mom while Koji has fun with his dad. He sees images of those events. Then Cherubimon appears. He corrupts Koichi's mind and then gives him the altered Human Spirit of Darkness, making him Duskmon. From that point on he doesn't remember who he even is. Later, once Duskmon gains his Beast Spirit and becomes Velgmon, he fights Koji as Beowulfmon again. With the help of Aldamon, they were able to scan the spirits away from Koichi and set him free. Koichi spills every to Koji, about them being brothers and about their mother.

Finally in Episode 33, Never the Twins Shall Meet, when a version of Cherubimon is attacking, he and Koichi face off. Koichi stands up to him and that's when the Spirits of Darkness fly from Koji's D-Tector to Koichi. They transform into the original Spirits of Darkness and form a D-Tector for him. Koichi is an all around good kid who takes care of his mother. Once he's in the Digital World and freed from darkness you get to know him a lot better. He cares about the others and wields the spirit of darkness. Once he received his true Spirits of Darkness, he was willing to sacrifice himself for the others and even did in Episode 48. Koichi is first told by Crusadermon in Episode 38, that he is not really there. For the other kids got the Fractal Code knocked out of them and he was the only one with no Fractal Code around him. They all eventually figure it out that Koichi is only there in mind and spirit and this is what made Koichi sacrifice himself against Lucemon CM's attack on the others, for if it wasn't for his act then Susanoomon would never come to be. Koichi, as Duskmon, is first seen in Episode 12. While the other evil spirits were talking amongst each other, he was gazing at the 3 moons. Velgemon's first appearance was in Episode 30, O Brother Who Art Thou?, when he was fighting with Beowulfmon.

In Episode 33, Never the Twins Shall Meet, Koichi obtains both the true Human and Beast Spirits of Darkness. He becomes Loweemon and GigaLoweemon to defeat the version of Cherubimon. Finally in Episode 50, End of the Line, after Loweemon sacrifices himself for the others and Koichi gives the Spirits of Darkness to Koji, he leaves the Digital World and Susanoomon is born to avenge him. After all the kids combine with all the spirits to form a greater Susanoomon and after they finally defeat Lucemon Larva for good, they all make their trip back to the Real World. Loweemon's face appears in Koji's D-Tector. He tells them that Koichi is alive, but needs them fast. Once home Takuya takes Koji to where Koichi fell. They discover that Koichi is dying in a hospital. They race there and with the power of the D-Tectors and a tear from Koji (and with a bit of Ophanimon's power in that tear) he wakes up and they hug. Everybodys D-Tectors then turn back into phones.

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