Kouji "Koji" Minamoto
Grade 5 (Grade 7 in dub)
Blue and white D-Tector

Strabimon - Rookie From
Lobomon - Hybrid Human Spirit of Light
KendoGarurumon - Hybrid Beast Spirit of Light
Beowolfmon - H+B+Koji combined
MangaGarurumon MangaGarurumon (Light, Thunder, Darkness, Water, Metal {Human and Beast Spirits})
Susanoomon{all spirits and Takuya w/t Kouichi giving them some of the dark power of Lucemon FM}
Ancient Garurumon - (Ancient Warrior if Light)

A new season, a new lonewolf. Koji never could accept his stepmother, and his father talked to him many times about it. He never knew his real mother was still alive or even that he had a brother, Koichi. One day while Koji was in a flowershop to get flowers for his step mother, he got a message on his cell phone. "Do you want to play a game?". Koji left the flowershop and followed the instructions he was given, to board a train at the Train Station and ride it to another. When he got to the other station he was followed by Takuya and he boarded an elevator. Takuya tried talking to him, but Koji just ingnored him. When the elevator opened up to the Trailmon station, Koji left Takuya and boarded a separate Trailmon from Takuya and the others. While on, his cell phone transformed into a D-Tector and he was dropped off someplace else in the Digital World. At first Koji didn't want anything to do with the other kids. He never really knew how to make friends because of his father moving him around all the time. He was in the Digital World for more of a personal quest. Though later that all changes when he grows more attached to the others and travels along with them. Koji has his brash moments with Takuya. Both can get a little hotheaded towards each other, another Tai and Matt relationship, but they end up fighting along with each other instead of against each other. Koji looked out for the others and even confronted Takuya, when Takuya was getting to overconfident with his abilities. When Koji found out about Koichi, he didn't know what to do.

He first saw him when he was battling Duskmon inside of Sakkakumon, but didn't know who it was. Once he and Takuya were able to free Koichi from the dark grasp of the corrupted Dark Spirits he learned more about his mother and about his brother. Koji is pure and therefore wields the spirit of light. With it he is able to overcome obstacles as they come.

He first gets his Human Spirit in Episode 2, Lobomon Warrior of Light, Takuya pushed Tommy and Koji out of the way from an attack by Raremon. Koji fell in a hole and while falling he found his Human Spirit of Light. He became Lobomon and returned to kick Raremon's butt. In Episode 10, Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down, Koji left the others to go in search for his Beast Spirit. His would be the first to be found. Eventually he gets a hold of it and turns into KendoGarurumon, but can't control it. He finds control and defeats Gigasmon, not for good though. In Episode 27, Stuck in Sakkakumon with You, Lobomon was in a tough battle with Duskmon. It was light verses dark, and light was losing. Duskmon reverted Lobomon back into Koji, not even KendoGarurumon could do the job. Just before the final slash a light broke through, given off by Seraphimon's Digiegg. Koji then gained the ability to fuse with both his Human Spirit and his Beast Spirit to become Beowulfmon. He and Duskmon had another hard battle that soon broke out of Sakkakumon and a long distance from the others.

In Episode 35, Takuya and Koji's Evolution Revolution, during the battle with Cherubimon and after Ophanimon was defeated, Koji get's one last gift from Ophanimon. His D-Tector changes and with the others help of transferring the spirits of Water, Steel, Thunder, and Darkness, Koji was able to combine them with his own and become MagnaGarurumon. Together with EmperorGreymon, they defeated Cherubimon and put him in his place. Finally in Episode 48, The Brothers of Yin and Yang, when the team was getting their butts kicked by Lucemon CM and Koichi, as Loweemon, saved them and gave his Spirits of Darkness to Koji, Koji and Takuya were able to combine all 10 Spirits together and fuse together to form the ultimate form, Susanoomon. The battle to decide the fate of the both worlds began. He ends up going back with the others to refind his brother and with his tears (and a bit of Ophanimon's power revives him).

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