Junpei "J.P" Shibayama
Age: 12
Grade 6 (Grade 8 in Dub)
Yellow and Blue D-Tector

Beetlemon - Human Hybrid Spirit of Thunder
Metal Kabuterimon - Beast Hybrid Spirit of Thunder
RhinoKabuterimon - Both spirits (In cards only)
AncientBeetmon - Ancient Warrior of Thunder

Like Zoe, JP is the oldest in the new season. JP had trouble making friends for some reason. He would always show off his little magic tricks, but some found them to get a little old. Once it started to rain and he didn't have an umbrella. He asked other kids if he could walk with them, but no one seemed to care so he ended up walking alone in the rain. One day, he got a message on his phone while standing outside near a bunch of other kids who were looking at their phones as well. "Do you want to play a game?" JP followed the instructions and found himself on a Trailmon, in the same cart as Zoe, Tommy, and Takuya. While traveling to the Digital World a bump knocks them all on the floor. JP's phone then turns into a D-Tector. JP is quite friendly, though he does tend to complain a lot. He knows a bit of magic and a few times entertains the others. He's very open minded about the way he feels, and often shows how much he likes Zoe.

He was sad when everybody else but him got their Human Spirits, but that was soon about to change. JP is strong and wields the spirit of thunder. He uses his spirit to help the others when they need help the most. JP gets a hold of his Human Spirit of Thunder in Episode 5, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beetlemon, when the others had their hands full saving the Kuwagamon from Snimon. Snimon attacks and JP goes to help the others by using a crane against Snimon. Snimon snaps the crane and JP falls, but is saved by some Kuwagamon. A spirit is shown and JP goes to it, turning into Beetlemon and defeating Snimon.

In Episode 14, No Whamon, while the kids are trapped in an underwater cavern and being attacked by Grumblemon who wants his Beast Spirit back, Whamon spits out JP's Beast Spirit. JP, beaten and battered, gets the spirit and becomes MetalKabuterimon. He aims his cannon at Grumblemon and blasts Grumblemon into vulnerability. He scans his Fractal Code and turns him into a Digiegg. Finally in Episode 50, End of the Line, JP, along with Zoe and Tommy, fuses together with the 10 spirits along with Takuya and Koji to become a stronger Susanoomon so they could finally defeat Lucemon Satan Mode as one. The final battle begins.

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