Digimon Tamers Episode 51
Dub Name: Suck Sweet Sorrow
Japanese Name: Dreaming is the Very Power of Our Future

Gallantmon Crimson Mode plows through the Jeri face. Jeri's will to live causes the kernel to crack but the bubble they are in is starting to fill with pinkish fluid. Gallantmon Crimson Mode is on his way but Scary Jeri comes out and attacks him. Scary Jeri tells Takato/Gallantmon that feelings and humans are useless. All humans do are cause one another pain through war and the like. Gallantmon does not believe this and is able to destroy Scary Jeri. Back on Earth Yamaki tells Riley to load up the Juggernaught program as it is what will spell the downfall of the D-Reaper. Shibumi has second thoughts because he thinks he forgot something. Megagargomon exhausts his arsenal and it is up to Justimon to stop the Wormhole reaper. He asks for all of Sakuyamon's power. He is given it and Sakuyamon's armour goes away. Justimon puts all of the power into his blade and slices the wormhole reaper in half. All is looking up until Scary Jeri and the wormhole reaper come back to power! The 4 Digi-gods pull back the wormhole monster to the digital world.

On Earth it is time for the final blow. Janyu established communication with Henry, he tells him that while he was analyzing Terriermon he slipped the Juggernaught program into him. Megagargomon must now go into the wormhole and unleash Juggernaught which will release it's power in a miniature big bang and the D-reaper will become a harmless program again. Megagargomon goes into the wormhole and spins rapidly releasing the Juggernaught. All the parts of the D-Reaper start to disappear when Shibumi realizes his mistake: he programmed into the red card the data for humans and digimon but not for the biomerged hybrids. As d-reaper is being destroyed they reverted back to rookies and humans. Takato saves Jeri and all of them are saved by Marineangemon. The D-Reaper reseeds.

A little time later all of them are in the park looking at the whole to the digital world. Impmon asks for Jeri's forgiveness and she grants him it. The digimon revert back to their in-training forms and Janyu explains to them that it was necessary to finally destroy the D-Reaper all the Digimon have to go back to the Digital World much to the upset of the Tamers A little time later a digi-gnome grants Takato's wish and a digital field is formed in the park where Guilmon used to be hidden... The end
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