Digimon Tamers Episode 46
Dub Name: When makes a Mon Justimon
Japanese Name: The Refreshing Ultimate Warrior, Meet Justimon

A new minion of the D-Reaper appears and Justimon, Kazu and Guardramon occupy it while rose petals Megagargomon and Sakuyamon save Takato. Sakuyamon surrounds them with a forcefield of so that they can enter the D-Reaper. Impmon digivolves to Blast Mode Beezlemon and protects Calumon from the D-Reaper. Calumon knows now that he is being pulled towards the real Jeri which is somewhere inside the D-Reaper where the Hypnos buildings are. A forcefield stops them from entering until Beezlemon blasts it open. Calumon enters and the D-Reaper pulls Beezlemon in and captures him. There Calumon finds the real Jeri inside of a sphere. Calumon enters and sits next to Jeri trying to get her to wake up. The clone Jeri reveals it's real form and chases after Takato and Guilmon, destroying the trees as it goes along.

Marineangemon saves them by attacking with his Kahuana wave attack which is tiny blue hearts. The blue hearts chase away the "Scary Jeri" and destroys any part of the D-Reaper they touch. Marineangemon then uses the hearts to power up Sakuyamon and open a path for them to exit the D-Reaper. Once there they help in the battle with Justimon and the D-Reaper. Antylamon helps Justimon cut the power cord that is giving this minion it's power and the minion is destroyed. Everyone dedigivolves, Ryo gives Suzie a modify card who tells the others that Beezlemon and Calumon are now trapped inside. Janyu finds out that the D-Reaper in the real world and the one in the digital world are one being, connected , and not two as they originally thought. He also thinks he found the "kernel of the D-Reaper's consciousness". At the end we see Alice being followed by Dobermon's data.
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