Digimon Tamers Episode 43
Dub Name: Beelzemon's Big Day
Japanese Name: Connected Hearts! Beelzebumon Revives

The tamers are in the outskirts of the park and Guilmon has a staring contests with one D-Reapers heads. They then run to school and to Takato's family store where they bake bread. Yamaki comes to realize that the D-Reaper for some reason will not enter the park and goes to find the tamers. Shibumi joins the rest of the team that made the digimon and explains to them that it is a program made to delete anything that has overgrown it's bounds, in this case the city and humanity. Yamaki, the Hypnos girls and the tamers now face off against the D-Reaper. They card slash the blue card and matrix digivolve to their ultimate forms. All of the attacks they try on the D-Reaper the D-Reaper uses back against them.

Meanwhile Impmon is searching for his tamers. No one will help him until he meets with Henry's sensei who reads him his tamers note. It mentions that they went to their grandmothers home in Hongo. Impmon thanks the sensei and asks why he helped him when no one else did. The sensei tells Impmon that it was inside that counts and his outer appearance meant nothing to him. Impmon takes the subway and finds his tamers who want Impmon to forgive him for how they treated him. They turn on the TV which shows the digimon losing to D-Reaper. Impmon says he has to go and promises to be back by diner. Impmon is kissed by Ai and gives him Mako’s favorite toy ray gun. Impmon then digivolves to Beelzemon blast mode, growing wings and the toy gun turning into a huge gun. He flies to the battle with the D-Reaper and separates a part of it from the main body. With that the other digimon can destroy that part. It ends as Takato gets a glimpse of Jeri hiding in the park.
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