Digimon Tamers Episode 41
Dub Name: Homeward Bound
Japanese Name: Return to the Real World

The tamers start to get on the Ark but still no Rika. Takato doesn't' want to get on without her and it begins to leave for Earth while he's still on the ground. Cyberdramon and Ryo fly off the Ark and promise to bring Rika back. The Ark is about to get away from a running Takato when Guilmon asks the Ark to stop and it does. Ryo returns with Rika and Impmon and the entire gang is now able to get onto the Ark. Once there Cyberdramon dedigivolves to Monodramon. Kenta finds Marineangemon and a D-power in his pocket. The Ark begins it's trek back to Earth but stops somewhere in between the two worlds with the D-Reaper beginning to appear around it. Takato pleads with the Ark to begin moving again. The Ark sends out two wires and connects with the device Yamaki gave to Takato and the word "OK" appears on it.

Soon the Ark moves again and the Tamers are back on Earth in the park. Everyone's parents are there except for Jeri's, her dad gave Riley a message "she went to the digital world by herself she can get back by herself." Takato offers to bring Jeri home and Yamaki gives him the fastest way and some train tickets. In the meantime the Ark disappears in a splash of water. On the train Takato tells Jeri his feelings for her but all she can do is recite how much fat and cholesterol is on a food meal that Takato gave her. Takato meets with Jeri's dad who starts to angrily push her into a taxi. Calumon goes into the taxi with them leaving Takato at the train station. There he sees a newscast where a red blob of the D-Reaper is destroying Shinjuki.
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