Digimon Tamers Episode 38
Dub Name: Azulongmon Explains All
Japanese Name: The True Enemy Moves Out! The Fight of the Four Holy Beasts

It starts on Earth with Mr Wong, Yamaki and the others trying to complete the Ark that will save the tamers and bring them back to Earth. Even with the help of tons of the computer power on Earth they are only 38% done. In the digital world Zhuaqiaomon attacks the tamers again. Taomon saves them but is quickly losing strength. Guilmon and Terriermon attack and plan to sacrifice themselves to save the others but in the end are saved by Azulongmon. Azulongmon and Zhuaqiaomon battle each other as Azulongmon tries to persuade the other soveriegn to see things his way, that the humans are not the enemy and that perhaps they have digivolved too much and not too little. They discuss how the real enemy they should combine their forces with the humans to fight. Lopmon explains to the tamers that the real enemy is neither digimon, human or digignome. Takato plans to show Zhuaqiaomon that digimon and humans belong together and so Bioemerges with Guilmon to form Gallantmon.

They fight but Azulongmon stops them both. Azulongmon begins the story of the true enemy. n the beginning of the digital world there was just one layer of which now there are six. On that layer existed digignomes, baby digimon and the true enemy. The true enemy went about destroying all there was until suddenly it stopped and buried itself deep within the digital world. As a result digimon could digivolve and grew to stronger and stronger levels. In order to convince the true enemy that they were not becoming too powerful the digignomes made the power to digivolve into Calumon. The digignomes then come bringing along Shibumi. We see on Earth that he is in a hospital with electrodes connected to his body and he is asleep. He explains to the tamers and sovereigns that the true enemy is called the D-Reaper.

It was originally a program created to destroy any artificial life that got out of control but it was never programmed to be so powerful. It must have absorbed the data that it destroyed and used it to mutate into something more powerful than digimon. He is going to explain another important point when someone at the hospital wakes him up and he returns to the real world. In the meantime Ryo and Cyberdramon are looking for Baihumon to fight him but run across Ebonwumon instead (the tartan soveriegn). Cyberdramon wants to attack but Ebonwumon is not interested claiming it is frightened of something. The ground splits open and Ryo looks down it. In the chasm is blinking lights as the D-Reaper is starting to come out.
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