Digimon Tamers Episode 32
Dub Name: Shibumi Speaks
Japanese Name: The Mystery pf Guilmon's Birth! The Mysterious Space of Water

It starts out with Takato and Henry under water. They swim and find an underwater cave. Henry cardslashes and has Terriermon try to dig them out but they are completely surrounded by water and it's no good. Yamaki has a team try to track down Shibumi. They almost get him but in a puff of smoke he disappears. Yamaki then meets with Mr Wong, the team that created the digimon and the tamers parents. The parents are worried until Yamaki shows them that he can communicate with the tamers via his device. So Takato pretends to be Rika and Kazu and the others and sends emails to the their parents. Meanwhile Henry gets an idea from the device: why does it still work when it got wet? Why because it didn't know that it got wet! So if Henry can believe that he can breath under water then that means he can...and it works. Henry, Terriermon and Takato can now breath under water and meet up with Otamamon and Divermon. They show them to a tunnel that will take them out of the ocean. They take it and wind up at a library. There they meet up with a see-through figure who turns out to be Shibumi. Shibumi explains a lot and I hope I got it all. He tells them that he created them (meaning Henry and Takato).

Takato doesn't believe this since they are alive and not data but Shibumi says that everything could just be a dream and what someone thinks and dreams actually happens. It is when we awake that real evolution will occur. Takato then notices above them a giant D-Power. Shibumi says it is an Ark, like in Noah's Ark only this carries data and not animals. He then produces a blue card. He said this is an algorith he created when the other members of the team quit the project. It makes it possible for digimon to digivolve. It has now been made into a way for humans and digimon to connect. He then tells them about the digignomes who are separate creatures from digimon and humans. the digignomes brought Guilmon and Takato together. Shibumi says that Guilmon came into existence because Guilmon dreamt of himself. Guilmon then creates the link between Takato and himself and Takato draws Guilmon to solidify the link. Henry asks how they can get out of there and back home. Shibumi says they have to go to the highest level which is one level above them. It is there that the 4 highest digivolved digimon live, the Digi-Gods and the Sovereign.

He says the Sovereign is afraid of something, he laughs and says perhaps it is him that the digimon are afraid of. Shibumi then goes on about the Devas and the digigods how they digivolved to get stronger so as to overcome humans but in the end digivolved into beings that resemble the gods of the humans because humans and digimon are forever linked. It is only when this link is realized that the ultimate evolution can be created. He then lets Takato and the others go, the large digivice becoming a ship. He then goes back to sleep and into this dreams.
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