Digimon Tamers Episode 23
Dub Name: A World Apart
Japanese Name: All Digimon Move Out! Advance toward the Wind

The Juggernaut program has opened a rift in the sky, in it is the digital world where we see digimon just waiting to get out and invade the Earth. The three ultimates battle Vikararamon but he proves to be too powerful for all three of them. Henry's dad can't stand to work for Yamaki anymore so leaves Hypnos and finds Henry in the midst of battle. The digimon are about to be defeated when Rika and Henry decide that it's not what card they slash that matters but their belief in their digimon. They slash the Digi-egg of destiny card and Taomon and Rapidmon are re-energized and start to beat up Vikararamon. In the meantime the city is being evacuated. Takato's parents look in the park for Takato and come across Guilmon's hiding place with bags from their store inside of it. Makuramon tells Jeri, Kazu and Kenta that Calumon is the key to the Deva's taking over the world and reveals his true form. The juggernaut program reaches full power and the digimon and the Devas alike are starting to get deleted. Makuramon throws something into the base of the juggernaut program that is in the sky and causes it to stop and causes the destruction of Hypnos. Takato starts to feed his energy into Wargrowlmon and the other tamers do the same.

Soon they are able to delete Vikararamon once and for all. Makuramon then captures Calumon and is about to escape to the digital world when Leomon shows up. Leomon is almost successful in freeing Calumon when out of the digital world we see a shadow of Ebuwonmon who attacks Leomon causing a D-Power to appear in Jeri's hand. Makuramon is able to escape to the digital world with Calumon. Takato then decides it's time to go to the digital world too. Also a mysterious digimon approaches Impmon and tells him that he can get Impmon to digivolve.
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