Digimon Tamers Episode 13
Dub Name: Juggernaut
Japanese Name: The Order to Capture Digimons! The Premonition of a Disaster

Takato and Guilmon fighting are fighting Darklizamon. Guilmon is about to win when two helicopters appear and the room fills with smoke. Yamaki is there and his team captures the Darklizamon and takes it back to Hypnos. He then warns Takato that digimon are not a game and considers taking Guilmon too but he doesn’t. At school Takato is still being ignored by his friends except for Jeri who seems to be the only one not jealous of Takato having a real digimon. Back at Hypnos Calumon makes an appearance and Yamaki has Darklizamon broken up into data in order to study digimon better. He then has a conference with his four bosses. One of his bosses speaks about the origin of digimon and that a program was made years ago that created the digimon but they went out of control. The digimon started to synthesize their own proteins and digimon was then passed off as just a kids game.

Yamaki tells his bosses about Juggernaut, his plan to destroy all digimon in both the real world and the Digital world. Reluctantly the bosses allow him to do it. Mr Wong is outside the door to his apartment. A stranger comes up to him and tells him how foolish he was in the past to work on the program that created digimon. The stranger then tells him that it is not over, the main creator is still out there making things worse. When Mr Wong turns to confront the stranger it turns out to just to be Henry. Yamaki starts Juggernaut and it starts to make the digimon act strange. The episode ends with Guilmon telling Takato that "something big is coming".
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