Takato Matsuki
Japanese Name: Takato Matsuda
Age: 13 (but on Riley's comp it says he's 12)
Red D-Power (Gold D-Power later when his original breaks)

(Megidramon - evil)
Gallantmon Crimson Mode

A new season, a new goggle boy. Takato lives in Japan with his parents who own a bakery. He and his friends, Kenta and Kazu, watch the popular T.V. show, Digimon. They also play the card game. One day, while getting ready to leave the park for school, Takato drops his box of cards and notices a strange blue card. He scans it through his Card Scanner, but it screws it up and he puts it in the box thinking that it was busted. He was late to school and while sent out in the hall he started to draw his very own Digimon, Guilmon. After school he raced to get his cards when he noticed the box was glowing. He saw his Card Scanner turn into D-Power and decided then and there that it was something that looked like a Digivice from the show and that he must have been a destined child. Once home, he tried scanning the picture of Guilmon through his D-Power and it got stuck. He left and the D-Power started to scan Guilmon and other pages in Takato's notebook. He returns to find a Digiegg on the screen of the D-Power. After a crazy dream of a fight between Rika's Digimon, Renamon, and another Digimon, Lynxmon, and his explanation to his friends on what happened the next day, Takato realizes that the Digiegg hatched. He follows and arrow on his D-Power, leading him to a Digital Field where he would find Guilmon, thus changing his life and beginning the new season.

Takato starts out naive and also overconfident. Like the past goggle boys, Takato will jump in without really knowing what's going on around him, though later that changes once he realizes what the true meaning of Digimon and what being a Tamer is all about. He cares for his Digimon, his friends, and his family and would do anything to protect them. He also loves a girl named Jeri, a friend of his, though doesn't realize it for a long time. He was really sad at the end of the series to see his Digimon leave for the Digital World along with the others and made a wish to have a Digital Field appear so he could see Guilmon again. That wish was granted by the last Digi-Gnome.

Guilmon first digivolves to Growlmon in Episode 8, A Question of Trust. Growlmon digivolves to WarGrowlmon in Episode 14, Grow Mon Grow. WarGrowlmon digivolves to a corrupted Mega made out of hatred, Megidramon, in Episode 34, Lionheart!. Guilmon and Takato, together, Bio Merge to make the true Mega form, Gallantmon, in Episode 35, Give a Little Bit. Gallantmon fuses with Groni, an Ark which is a computer program designed by Janyu, to become Gallantmon Crimson Mode in Episode 50, Jeri Fights Back.

Digimodify Cards
Digivolution Deatcivate
Hyper Wing
Hyper Sonic
Mega Pyro Sphere
Metalgarurumon Blaster
Matrix Digivolution
Digmon's Drill
Hyper Speed
Red Card
Aero Wing (Movie5)

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