Name: Suzie Wong
Japanese Name: Shuichon Lee
Age: 5
D-Power Colour: Pink


Suzie is the cute little sister to Henry and is the youngest of the Tamers. While her Dad took her to the park she encountered a Digital Field and got sucked into the Digital World. After a little fun, and not so fun moments she becomes alone and scared and she finds herself face to face with the Rabbit Deva, Antylamon who is at her post, guarding the entrance to the Digimon Sovereign's Gate. Antylamon does nothing harmful, but instead simply tells Suzie to go home. Suzie doesn't and instead talks to Antylamon. Antylamon tries to get rid of Suzie, but before she knew it she was running around with Suzie. The two took some time to rest and Suzie went for food. Antylamon, as much as she hated to, ditched Suzie to return to her post. Suzie gets attacked by Makuramon and Antylamon comes to her aid. After a short battle, Makuramon finally leaves. Injured, Antylamon feels Suzie tug on her. Takato, Henry, and Terriermon warn Susie to get away from the Rabbit Deva, but something shines and appears to Suzie. The others are shocked to see a pink D-Power in Susie's hand. A light swallows up Antylamon and she becomes Lopmon, a pink and chocolate, three horned look a like to Terriermon. Suzie is a sweet little girl and always played with Terriermon, thinking he was just a doll of Henry's. She loves her big brother, even in times that she gets mad at him when he takes Terriermon away from her. Once she gets Lopmon she's really happy, cause then she would have her own playmate, putting Terriermon off the hook for Tea Parties. ^_^

For a little girl, she's got a big heart and can be brave when she wants to be. When the D-Reaper was attacking she managed to Digivolve Lopmon into Antylamon so she could help out, though stayed at home while she viewed what Antylamon was seeing through her D-Power. She was really sad when the Digimon left for the Digital World. She had not only lost Terriermon, but her own partner Lopmon. Antylamon's first appearance was in Episode 33, Rabbit's Transit. Antylamon de-digivolves to Lopmon in that same Episode.

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