Ai and Mako
Romanized Name: Ai and Makoto
D-Power = Purple

Beezlemon Blast mode

Ai and Mako are sister and brother. They would constantly fight over anything, including toys and what not. Impmon, sadly, endured there cruel battle over him. That sparked the hatred for humans that Impmon had. He left them and went on his own to cause havoc. Later he makes a deal with Catsuramon, the Dog Deva, and he gains the ability to Digivolve into a Mega form, Beelzemon. After killing Leomon and being defeated by Gallantmon and saved by Jeri, Beelzemon traveled the Digital wasteland. He didn't want the power anymore and thus turned back into Impmon. He was found by Renamon and Rika, who brought him to the Ark and took him back to the Real World. Impmon goes on his own again once in the Real World. He goes in search for Ai and Mako. He returns to their old neighborhood and finds their house. He enters their room only to find a note that he can't read. He passes by people asking them if they can read it to him. They run off scared. Finally, Henry's Sensei reads the note to him. It told Impmon that they went to visit their Grandma in Hongo. Henry's Sensei gives directions for Impmon. Impmon eventually finds them playing happily with a dog. They see him and jump for joy. They tell him that they don't fight anymore and spoil him with food and drinks. After watching the news, Impmon gets up to help the others with the D-Reaper. Mako gives Impmon a toy gun, in hopes that it would help. Impmon thanks them and then leaves. With the help of the toy gun, Beelzemon became Beelzemon Blast Mode.

Later when he's slightly injured and Ai and Mako have him, that's when their D-Power appears to them, making Impmon their partner. Ai and Mako used to fight a lot about everything. This fighting drove Impmon away from them. Because of their actions they never fought again. They became better children and once Impmon returned to them they were as happy as could be. Though they didn't really know the other Tamers, they did meet them just in time for their Digimon to return to the Digital World. They were sad to see Impmon off after finally resolving everything that had happened in the past.

Impmon first Digivolves to Beelzemon in Episode 27, Motorcycle Madness. Beelzemon becomes Beelzemon Blast Mode in Episode 43, Beelzemon's Big Day.

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