Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 49
Dub Name: The Last Temptation of the Digidestined
Japanese Name: The Last Amor Evolution

Malomyotismon tosses Ex-Veemon aside easily. Ex-Veemon still doesn't give up and keeps on attacking. Malomyotismon uses an illusion to make them all see their dreams. TK dreams that his parents and Matt are back together. Yolei dreams that she has all the desserts she can eat and is an only child. Cody is in Primary Village with his father. Kari and Gatomon are under a tree, watching kids play with digimon and helping one with having her Nyaromon digivolve.

Patamon appears before TK and tells him that none of this is real; it's all just an illusion. The illusion disappears and Davis comes to him. Hawkmon comes to Yolei. He tells her that she really misses her brothers and sisters. Ex-Veemon arrives and brings her back from the illusion world. Cody is talking to his dad. Armadillomon tells him that none of this is real. Cody's dad leaves when he realizes it's an illusion. Flamedramon takes Cody back. Kari and Gatomon continue to watch children play with digimon. Gatomon tells her that none of it's real. Raidramon comes to them and takes them back.

Ken is in a sandstorm. He finds the digimon emperor tied to a control spire. Digimon are surrounding him and ridiculing him. All the digimon attack him and he is deleted. Ken then watches as Sam arrives and picks up the emperor's glasses. Sam tells Ken to stay with him. Wormmon comes and Sam disappears. Wormmon tells him about the illusions. Ken gets tired of beating himself up over what he did as the emperor. TK and Davis appear. The digidestined come and take Ken back.

All the digidestined are back before Malomyotismon. Flamedramon, Raidramon and Ex-Veemon attack Malomyotismon at once. Davis said that he wished that Ex-Veemon was stronger and all of his other digimon forms appeared. The rest of the digidestined make their wishes and their digimon digivolve to all their forms and attack Malomyotismon. Their attacks start to do damage but Malomyotismon counters with his Crimson Mist attack. The digimon then DNA digivolve and Shakkoumon absorbs the mist. Paildramon then mega digivolves to Imperialdramon and then to Fighter Mode.

All of the digimon in all of their forms face off against Malomyotismon. Malomyotismon wants to know why Davis was unaffected by his Mind Illusion attack. Davis says that he has no problems; he has faith in his friends. Davis leads the attack and both of the Imperialdramons blast Malomyotismon into the digital world. They all enter into the digital world but only Silphymon, Shakkoumon and Fighter Mode can enter. Malomyotismon says he is most powerful in the digital world and they did him a favor. He grows bigger and his dark energy knocks the digimon down. He sends his dark power into the sky and the real world appears. His dark powers start to spread over the Earth. Davis realizes they need a miracle to win now.
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