Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 48
Dub Name: Oikawa's Shame
Japanese Name: Terror! Belial Vamdemon

The digidestined watch as all the dark spore children congregate in one area, Highton View Terrace. Oikawa watches them all as the time for harvesting has arrived. Izzy's mom brings them snacks. She says she will go and talk to the parents of all the dark spore children. Oikawa is among the children. The digidestined rush in but Mummymon and Arukenimon block them. Oikawa says that the spores are only copies so if they grow in the children they will die. Oikawa uses the cards on his laptop (the same ones from Myotismon's castle) to open a gate. Ken asks why he was chosen. Oikawa says that he always knew he was digidestined and was the weakest of them all. The dark towers were a present from the Dark Ocean to keep them all busy. Their purpose was to change the borders of the digital world and weaken its defenses. He could always open a gate but the defenses stopped him from entering. The spores convert the power of the innocence of the children so that he can open and enter the gate. Oikawa cries, because he is going to realize his dream of going to the digital world. The children and Oikawa start to sing. Oikawa uses Agumon's card instead of Gomamon to open the gate. Mummymon and Arukenimon follow intothe next world. The new digidestined follow but the gate closes before the older ones can enter.

In the next world the children cry out, saying that it isn't the digital world. The digimon are fighting Arukenimon and Mummymon while the digidestined face off against Oikawa. Oikawa cries out and a giant mouth appears in the sky. It says that Oikawa and the children were never meant to enter the digital world. It says that three years ago it needed a host so it stored its data in Oikawa. They show a flashback to three years ago. Oikawa sees the digital world in the sky and cries that Hiroki has left him all alone. A mist asks if he wants to go to the digital world. If he allows darkness into his heart it will allow him to enter it. Oikawa allows it to enter and control him. Gatomon recognizes the voice as Myotismons. He says that the dark spirals were all based on her tail ring. The dark spores give Myotismon the power to be reborn again. The controlled Oikawa approaches the children while Mummymon and Arukenimon hold off the digidestined. He gathers all the spores to reveal MaloMyotismon.

Malomyotismon grabs Arukenimon and starts to crush her. He tortures her and then finally deletes her. Mummymon is upset that he destroyed the digimon that he loved. Mummymon attacks but Malomyotismon uses his Crimson Mist attack to delete Mummymon. Gatomon wants to digivolve but Kari is afraid she'll get deleted. Everyone except for Davis is afraid to fight. Davis and Ex-Veemon rush into the battle by themselves.
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