Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 45
Dub Name: The Dark Gate
Japanese Name: The Gate of Darkness

Daemon is blocking the van, wanting the spore that is inside of Ken. Oikawa gets out of the van and tells Daemon that he doesn't know what he's talking about. TK has Jim drive them to Highton View Terrace. Aquilamon flies Kari and Yolei there. Daemon threatens Oikawa. Arukenimon comes out of the van with the captured Ken. Veemon and Wormmon attack Arukenimon and Davis frees Ken. Veemon and Wormmon digivolve but Daemon attacks them. Davis says its time for them to run but Ken wants to save the other children. Mummymon and Arukenimon attack Daemon but he is too strong for them. Stingmon and Ex-Veemon DNA digivolve and use their Desperado blaster attack on Daemon. Shakkoumon and Silphymon attack Daemon. Daemon uses his Evil Inferno attack. Paildramon mega digivolves to Imperialdramon. Imperialdramon flies through the Inferno attack to strike at Daemon while Shakkoumon absorbs the rest of it. All the digimons attack Daemon at once but he laughs it off. Ken's mom is worried about all the reports about monsters and missing children.

Daemon still asks for Ken. He goes after an apartment full of people, using his Evil Inferno attack. Imperialdramon mode changes to Fighter Mode and shields the building from the attack. Daemon's attack is too strong but Shakkoumon manages to absorb it again. Yolei remembers the laptop in Jim's car and thinks they can open a gate to send Daemon back. Daemon uses his powers to open a gate to the digital world in the sky. Yolei then thinks it is not use and they cannot defeat Daemon. Cody gives up as well but Davis tells them to keep on fighting. Kari suggests sending Daemon to the Dark Ocean but they don't know how to get him there. Ken says he can open the gate to the Dark Ocean using his D3.

Ken uses the D3 and a small gate opens. Ken starts to scream in pain from all the power. Kari, TK, Yolei and Cody grab his hands to try and help out. Davis then joins them. Ken starts to fight his fears and the gate fully opens. All the digimons attack Daemon at once. The power is too great for Daemon and he is sent into the Dark Ocean. The digimons dedigivolve as Oikawa is getting ready to leave. Oikawa tells the kids with the spores in them to remember this place so he can call them back when the time is right. Police sirens are heard in the background. Oikawa flees and Ken chases after but is too slow. The police arrive and start to gather up the children. The digidestined are worried about the dark spores. They think they will all become digimon emperors. Ken arrives home and apologizes for making his parents worry. Ken then introduces his parents to Wormmon. Jim brings the rest of the digidestined home. June, no longer in love with Matt, falls in love with Jim. The spore children are reunited with their parents.
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