Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 44
Dub Name: Dark Sun, Dark Spore
Japanese Name: The Mortal Combat of Dark Digimon

Davis chases after the van but is too slow. Joe's brother comes to pick them up and drives after the van. Ken tells Arukenimon that he thought they made a deal that if he gave himself up she would free the children. Arukenimon says the children don't want to go home because they all think Ken is their hero. Oikawa is also in the van. He tells Ken that he remembers him from Sam's funeral. The van skids because Ladydevimon's bats are blocking Mummymon's view. Gatomon and Hawkmon get out of Jim's car to go after Ladydevimon. olei doesn't want to destroy her. Hawkmon digivolves and then DNA digivolves to Silphymon.

Oikawa reveals that he was Ken's father's friend. He was also the one that sent him the email right after Sam's death. Oikawa sends out Arukenimon to check on the battle between Silphymon and Ladydevimon. Jim is still chasing after the van. The van passes over train tracks but before Jim can pass a train comes, allowing Oikawa a brief escape. The van stops and they now have Ken tied up. Oikawa says Ken has a dark spirit deep inside of him. The spore makes you smarter and better at sports. Oikawa is going to take a piece of the spore out of him and put it in all of the children. Night is quickly falling and Marinedevimon is now approaching the van. Oikawa begins transferring the spores into the children. Ladydevimon and Silphymon are still fighting. The digidestined in Jim's car see Marinedevimon. Veemon armor digivolves to Raidramon and chases after the van while TK and Cody take care of Marinedevimon. Angemon and Ankylomon DNA digivolve to Shakkoumon to fight off Marinedevimon.

Kari and Yolei are watching Silphymon and Ladydevimon fight each other from a sky scraper. Ladydevimon attacks and Silphymon falls in a park. Marinedevimon attacks Shakkoumon, causing the power in that part of the city to go out. Ladydevimon stands over the fallen Silphymon. Kids in the park look on. Ladydevimon attacks them and holds one of them hostage. Davis thinks that the van is taking Ken to Highton View Terrace. Silphymon cannot attack because she would harm the kid. Yolei gets mad and hits Ladydevimon with a skateboard. Ladydevimon turns and is ready to attack Yolei but Silphymon deletes her. Shakkoumon and Marinedevimon's battle is taking them close to a hospital. TK, Cody and Jim try to get all the patients out of the hospital. Marinedevimon tries to make Shakkoumon crush the hospital. Marinedevimon then starts to destroy parts of the hospital. In order to stop him Shakkoumon uses his Justice Beam attack and deletes Marinedevimon. Raidramon is still chasing after the van. The van stops when Daemon appears before it, blocking its way
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