Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 43
Dub Name: Invasion of the Daemon Corps
Japanese Name: Demon Corp's Invasion

TK comes home and his mom tells him about her meeting with Oikawa. She tells him how Oikawa said that things that happened years ago aren't over yet. Cody asks his grandfather about his father's death. His father was a policeman, assigned to guard an important official. Someone tried to shoot the official but Cody's father got in the way and saved the official, but died in the process. Ken is dreaming of when he was in the digital world years ago. He and Ryo were defeating Milleniumon when a dark spore hit him and entered his neck. He asks Wormmon if he remembers it. Wormmon recalls it all. It happened two years ago and it took Ken three weeks to fully heal. On the news is a report that kids from all over the city are missing.

A wedding boat is attacked by Marinedevimon. Matt's dad watches from the port and emails everyone the details. Elsewhere, Ladydevimon uses bats to attack cars in a tunnel. On the north side of town Skullsatamon is attacking. TK and Cody arrive at the sea. Armadillomon digivolves to Submarimon and Patamon digivolves to Angemon. Marinedevimon blocks Angemon's Hand of Fate attack. Ikkakumon arrives and attacks before digivolving to Zudomon. Zudomon attacks with Vulcan's hammer and drives Marinedevimon away for now. Aquilamon and Angewomon are attacking Ladydevimon. Garudamon and Weregarurumon arrive as the reinforcements. After another cat fight with Angewomon, Ladydevimon flees.

Davis, Ken, Izzy and Tai are facing off against Skullsatamon. Skullsatamon is too fast for all of them and hits them all with his Nail bone attack. Ken thinks that these new digimon aren't working for Arukenimon. Paildramon digivolves to Imperialdramon. Skullsatamon's Nail bone attack makes Imperialdramon freeze. Matt and the others arrive. Skullsatamon dedigivolves Weregarurumon and Garudamon. He then beats on Magnaangemon, Zudamon, Metalgreymon and Megakabuterimon. Skullsatamon then picks up a bus full of children, ready to destroy it. Izzy says to send the other digimon back to the digital world, but the digimon have another idea. They give up their energy to Imperialdramon. Imperialdramon mode changes to Fighter Mode. The other digimon return to the digital world as Figher Mode Imperialdramon destroys Skullsatamon with his Positron Laser attack.

Daemon appears before them. He asks Ken to come with him because he wants his dark spore. Arukenimon and the van full of children arrive. She wants Ken to go with them or she'll hurt the children. Ken goes in the van, thinking Arukenimon will free the other children. Daemon warns Arukenimon not to interfere with him. Arukenimon leaves with Ken and all the children in the van.
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