Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 42
Dub Name: Digimon World Tour Part 3
Japanese Name: Love and Borcht, The Great Fierce Battles

Stingmon and Garurumon are in Mexico destroying control spires. They try to sneak into ancient ruins but the police stop them. Jose, another Gennai clone, arrives. He creates a diversion so that Ken and Matt can enter the ruins. In the ruins Wormmon is scared of the dark so attaches lights to his head. They soon run into Rosa and her partner Gotsumon. Rosa wants to be Ken's girlfriend. Minotarumon and Dokugomon are ahead. They try to get them outside so that they don't destroy the ruins. Matt gets them to chase him outside. Once outside Wormmon digivolves to Stingmon and takes on Minotarumon. Gabumon digivolves to Weregarurumon and Gotsumon digivolves to Monochromon. They beat up the evil digimon and Ken opens a gate, returning them to the digital world. Rosa falls asleep, now liking Stingmon.

In Moscow a swarm of Flymon and a control spire are in the city. Yolei and Sora are having trouble communicating with the digidestined there. The digidestined are Anna and Unimon, Sonya and Snimon and Yuri and Kuwagamon. Yolei comes up with the plan to use Russian foods as commands for when they start their aerial attack. Yolei leads the charge against the Flymon. They first manage to avoid the attacks and then attack back. Aquilamon and Garudamon destroy the control spire. Yolei opens the digiport to send them back. Ilya, another Gennai clone, arrives and takes them to Siberia. Frigimons are facing off against Mammothmons in Siberia. Mammothmon knocks Garudamon and Sora out of the sky but Aquilamon manages to save her. Mammothmon charges them but Imperialdramon arrives and saves them. All the digidestined arrive and sends the Mammothmon through the portal. They all go home for Christmas, the world tour over. Back in Japan, another child is being harvested by Arukenimon and Mummymon. They now have a van full of children.
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