Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 41
Dub Name: Digimon World Tour Part 2
Japanese Name: Coral and Verailles, The Great Riot Battles

Cody and Joe are on a beach in Sydney. Digmon and Ikkakumon are destroying a control spire. They then watch everyone surfing and having a good time. Santa arrives and tells them that all the digimon are going to the Great Barrier Reef. Santa turns out to be Hogan, another clone of Gennai. They hear screams coming from the ocean and see a digidestined, Derek, being chased by Gesomon, Ebidramon and Shellmon. Joe and Cody help out by chasing the digimon and saving Derek. They are headed to Great Barrier Reef but Scorpiomon stands in their way. Ikkakumon digivolves to Zudomon. Scorpiomon starts to beat up Zudomon until Zudomon drags him underwater. Armadillomon armor digivolves to Submarimon and Derek's partner Crabmon digivolves to Coelamon. They lure Scorpiomon away from the coral reef. Zudomon uses his Vulcan's hammer attack to defeat Scorpiomon. Coelamon then destroys the last control spire. Cody opens a digiport and sends the digimon home.

TK and Tai are in Paris. They are meeting TK's grandfather who arrives on a motorbike. They are driving on the bike now when they pass the gates to Versailles Palace. The gates are open so his grandfather stops, knowing that something is wrong. In the dining hall they find Mamemon, Bigmamemon and Metalmamemon. Floramon and a digidestined girl, Catherine, are tied up in the room. TK's grandfather faces off against Bigmamemon. Agumon and Patamon digivolve to champion and take the battle outside of the palace.

They free Catherine. Giromon arrives and attacks Angemon and Greymon. Since they are starting to lose, they digivolve to their ultimate forms. Floramon digivolves to Kiwimon. They chase them to control spire near the Seine River. Metalgreymon uses his Giga blaster attack to knock them out of the sky while MagnaAngemon destroys the control spire. In Japan a child with a bad cough runs into Arukenimon. She follows Arukenimon, wondering who she is.
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