Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 40
Dub Name: Digimon World Tour Part 1
Japanese Name: New York and Hong Kong, the Great Melee Battles

Imperialdramon is destroying control spires around the world. He drops off Tai and TK in Paris, Kari and Izzy in Hong Kong, Joe and Cody in Sydney and Yolei and Sora in Moscow. Davis, Matt and Ken land in Miami. Imperialdramon reverts back to his rookies as the digidestined meet up with Michael. Ken and Matt are to go to Mexico while Davis and Michael will take a plane to New York. Just outside of New York Airdramon and a digidestined are fighting Shogungekomon, herding him to New York City, where all of the digimon are being driven to.

Mimi meets the others in Central Park. Michael's father lands the plane in the middle of the city. There they meet Benjamin, a clone of Gennai. They hear that Cherrymon is attacking the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. They go to help Phil, one of the American digidestined, and his partner Flarerizamon. Veemon digivolves to Ex-Veemon and Palmon digivolves to Togemon and then Lillymon. Michael has Betamon digivolve to Seadramon. Lillymon uses her flower ring on Cherrymon but it doesn't work. Ex-Veemon knocks Cherrymon onto the ice. Cherrymon captures them all with his vines. Other digidestined arrive: Maria and Centarumon, Lou and Tortomon and Steve and Frigimon. They all attack Cherrymon. Davis opens a digiport and they send Cherrymon through it. As they are celebrating Mimi's parents arrive, wondering if there is more trouble like 4 years ago.

In Hong Kong Mojyamon is running rampant through the streets. The Poi brothers and their Shakomon partners are trying to hold them off. Shakomon digivovles to Octomon to attack. Izzy and Kari and their ultimate digimon arrive. Izzy explains what it means to be digidestined to them. They convince the brothers to join them since they are all in love with Kari. The digidestined bring digimon from all over Asia to Hong Kong. They receive an email from Mina on the India-China border. She can't cross because the army is blocking her. Kari and Izzy and one of the Poi brothers go to the border. Octomon writes in ink that they come in peace so the army allows them to pass and head towards Hong Kong. Kari and the others go back to Hong Kong and opens the gate to send the digimon back. In Japan, Mummymon is on a swing with a young child that has no friends.
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