Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 39
Dub Name: Dramon Power
Japanese Name: All Members Move Out! Imperialdramon

The digidestined agree to meet at Izzy's to discuss the digimon that have appeared all over the world. Davis goes off to help Ken first because digimon have been sighted near where he lives. Azulongmon meets with a young Gennai. He gives him one of twelve digicores. Digidestined from all over the world are emailing Izzy. So far he has received over 200 emails. They decide to answer them all. Triceramon is in Tamachi where Ken lives. Wormmon can't digivolve because of the control spire.

Arukenimon and Mummymon are laughing at Ken. Raidramon arrives and destroys the control spire. Davis and Ken meet up and have their digimon reach Champion level. They attack Triceramon but he is too strong. The two of them DNA digivolve to Paildramon. They open a digiport to try and send Triceramon through but he is still too strong. Mummymon joins the fight and double teams Paildramon. Izzy says they need a D3 to open the portals to the digital world so the new digidestined will have to go to every location. Izzy has Gennai appear before them. Gennai shows them the digicore given to him by Azulongmon. They all hold up their digivices and the core powers them all.

Mummymon goes to attack Davis and Ken. The power of the digicore hits Paildramon and allows him to mega digivolve to Imperialdramon. Imperialdramon protects Davis and Ken from Mummymon's attack. Gennai explains to the digidestined that they can once again reach ultimate level. Mummymon runs away from Imperialdramon. Imperialdramon easily picks up Triceramon and throws him through the digiport. Imperialdramon takes Davis and Ken inside of him and travels to the other control spires in Japan. He uses his Positron Laser attack to destroy all the Japanese spires. He sends Knightmon, Warumonzaemon and Drimogenmon back to the digital world before returning to Odaiba.

Gennai tells the others that the job is too big for Imperialdramon to do alone. Gennai says Imperialdramon will take them to the six major spots: New York, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Moscow, Sydney and Paris so that the digidestined can use their D3s to open up portals to send the digimon back to the digital world. Gennai disappears as they start their task. Arukenimon receives a phone call with new orders. While the digidestined are away Japan is defenseless
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