Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 38
Dub Name: A Very Digi Christmas
Japanese Name: Holy Night, The Great Digimon Gathering

The digidestined are in the digital world once again destroying control spires. Ken hesitantly invites them all to a Christmas Party. Matt's band is rehearsing for a concert that night. Arukenimon and Mummymon are in the real world. TK's mom walks by an outdoor café and is stopped by a strange man. He is Yukio Oikawa, the man who investigated the Highton View Terrace attacks 8 years ago. He tells her that the current monster problem is related to the Odaiba incident and that it is only the beginning and her sons should be careful. The original digidestined meet up with the new digidestined in the real world. The new digidestined give them a present; they get to meet their digimon partners in the real world. They package Palmon up and send her to Mimi in America. People are starting to line up for Matt's concert. Sora is nervous because she baked Matt cookies and doesn't know if he'll like them. Tai arrives and things get a little awkward. He tells her that he is ok about her and Matt. The new digidestined are at Ken's house playing cards. Yolei sees a picture of Sam.

A control spire appears outside of Matt's concert. They hear loud static and DarkTyranomon and Bakemon attack them. Outside Monzaemon, Numemon and other digimon are running amok. Tai notices the control spire in the real world. The phone rings at Ken's house. Tai calls Kari there and tells her about the digimon in the real world. They meet up with the older digidestined and find the control spires. The original digidestined's digimon go to champion form. The digimon soon find themselves to be outnumbered. They have the idea to herd the digimon all into one place and then open a portal. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon use their Golden Noose to send most of the digimon through the gate. Just Monzaemon and Megadramon are left. Ken knows that Arukenimon is behind it all. The digimon DNA digivolve to take on the ultimates. Shakkoumon sends Monzaemon back to the digital world while Paildramon handles Megadramon. The digidestined realize they will have to fight all over again. The next morning Davis is woken up by June. On the news is a report that control spires and digimon are all over the world.
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