Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 37
Dub Name: Kyoto Dragon
Japanese Name: The Giant Ultimate Quinglongmon

Blackwargreymon is still not impressed with the power of the digidestined. He uses Terra Destroyer but Shakkoumon absorbs the blast. Shakkoumon attacks with Harmonious Spirit followed by attacks from the other digimon. Blackwargreymon throws down Silphymon and Paildramon. Shakkoumon uses his Conchita Bomb attack but Blackwargreymon uses his shields to block it. The digimon continue to throw attack after attack at him and finally break his shields. Blackwargreymon starts to spring leaks of black fluid. Blackwargreymon is still searching for answers and moves closer to the stone. Arukenimon and Mummymon arrive and attack the digidestined. Digitamamon and Tapirmon save the digidestined and preoccupy Arukenimon. Davis comes up with the idea to use the D3s to move the stone. A light comes out of the location of all the stones. The current stone glows and the dragon, Azulongmon, is drawn out. Azulongmon confronts Blackwargreymon, the one with the soul of darkness. He asks why he destroyed all of the stones and Blackwargreymon says it was his destiny to destroy them and to draw out his ultimate opponent. Azulongmon is the guardian of the Eastern Hemisphere and one of the 'Digimon Gods'. He says the world has become unbalanced due to the stones being destroyed. Blackwargreymon goes to attack Azulongmon but he easily stops him. Azulongmon says Blackwargreymon's very existence is causing the unbalance. He continues and says that the control spires were created to seal in Azulongmon's powers.

Arukenimon and Mummymon are back. She says that building spires were to destroy the balance of the digital world forever. Arukenimon says that Blackwargreymon has no soul. He picks up Arukenimon, ready to destroy her. Azulongmon tells Blackwargreymon that he cannot answer his questions. He says that every life has purpose and that Blackwargreymon must find his own. Blackwargreymon leaves, followed by Arukenimon and Mummymon chasing after him. Azulongmon turns his attention to the digidestined now. He tells them that the Dark Masters defeated the four guardians and sealed them off. When the Dark Masters were defeated the seal was still in place. The ultimate digimon gave up their power to digivolve so that the seal could be broken. Azulongmon plants seeds of light where the Destiny Stones were in order to reset some of the balance. Ken says they need to destroy the powers of darkness once and for all. TK says they can never defeat them because where there is light there is darkness. Azulongmon tells them that the threat is not over. The evil that tried to seal him away still exists and that Arukenimon and Mummymon are only pawns. Azulongmon leaves and the digidestined return to the restaurant. Back in the real world Davis thinks he sees a control spire.
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