Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 36
Dub Name: Stone Soup
Japanese Name: Steel Angel Shakkoumon

Ken is helping his mother with cleaning so the others have to enter the digital world without him. Blackwargreymon is searching for the last Destiny Stone. In the process he destroys a factory. Mummymon and Arukenimon arrive in China Town and stop at a restaurant. They order soup from Digitamamon and Tapirmon. The digidestined soon arrive in China Town. They are hungry and head towards the smell. Cody gets mad because the others are thinking about eating while Blackwargreymon is still on the loose. The digidestined arrive at the same restaurant as Arukenimon. Arukenimon and Mummymon are getting mad at Digitamamon for not revealing his secret recipe. The digimon all digivolve to their champion forms but Mummymon and Arukenimon's attacks are too powerful. Gatomon and Aquilamon try to DNA digivolve but they didn't eat enough food. Arukenimon and Mummymon go to attack but revert back to their human forms. Stingmon and Ken arrive and chases after them but Cody stops them, telling them all to eat.

As they are getting away the engine explodes in Mummymon's car. They walk through a bamboo forest searching for water. They hear water dripping and find a Chinese soup spring. Mummymon goes to drink out of it but Digitamamon and Tapirmon stop him. Mummymon uses his Snake Bandage attack to wrap them up and takes a drink. The spring shakes and reveals the final Destiny Stone. The digidestined are eating and see the light of the stone. Blackwargreymon notices the light too. Everyone arrives at the stone. The digidestined try to block Blackwargreymon's path. Arukenimon tells him to attack the digidestined but he blasts both her and Mummymon. Paildramon and Silphymon attack but Blackwargreymon uses his Terra Destroyer attack on them. Paildramon and Silphymon try to fight back. TK and Cody know that they are needed as well, they finally understand each other so Patamon and Ankylomon DNA digivolve to Shakkoumon. The three DNA digimon face off against Blackwargreymon.
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