Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 34
Dub Name: Destiny in Doubt
Japanese Name: Protect the Holy Point

Blackwargreymon is after another Destiny Stone. In the real world the digimon are eating. The digidestined are wondering about the digimon appearing in the real world. They know that the digital world is off kilter again. TK starts to talk about all the alternate worlds that exist, not just the digital and real world. The balance has been destroyed. Izzy arrives with an algorithm for the D-Terminals and D3s. They enter the digital world. In the digital world they are tracking Blackwargreymon. Blackwargreymon is at another Destiny Stone so Ken and Stingmon rush ahead. Blackwargreymon uses his Terra Destroyer attack and destroys the stone. Where the stone was a dragon appears then quickly disappears. Blackwargreymon decides he has to destroy another stone to bring out the creature who he thinks is his arch enemy. The digidestined arrive too late. TK says there is no way he will let Blackwargreymon destroy another Destiny Stone. Cody thinks that there are two people inside of TK. That night TK has a dream about Blackwargreymon destroying Angemon.

The next day they are on a bridge, which Kari is scared to cross. Kari trips but Yolei saves her. Gabumon arrives and tells them where the other stones are. They split up. Cody and TK talk to Gabumon some more. Gabumon tells them that he heard from Agumon that Blackwargreymon has a heart. Cody then wonders why Blackwargreymon is destroying the Destiny Stones. If he has a heart then how can he destroy them? TK wants to destroy Blackwargreymon. Cody is confused over TK's duel personality. Davis, Ken and the others arrive at one of the stones. They know Blackwargreymon is coming so they have Ex-Veemon and Stingmon DNA digivolve. Gatomon and Aquilamon then DNA digivolve as well. Blackwargreymon arrives and Paildramon attacks with his Desperado Blaster attack but misses. The next time the two DNA digimon attack at once. It still does no damage. Arukenimon and Mummymon arrive and occupy the digimon while Blackwargreymon can go after the stone. Kari calls out to TK who is on a ledge above them. Patamon and Armadillomon digivolve. Angemon uses his Hand of Fate attack but Blackwargreymon is still too powerful. Blackwargreymon starts to choke Angemon and TK thinks back to when Angemon was destroyed in the battle with Devimon. Blackwargreymon throws Angemon at the stone. The stone glows and Angemon has the power to digivolve to MagnaAngemon.

MagnaAngemon faces off against Blackwargreymon. He opens up the Gate of Destiny and tries to push Blackwargreymon through. Blackwargreymon finally seems to have met a digimon that is a match for him as he is giving up ground. Blackwargreymon uses his Terra Destroyer attack on the Destiny Stone and destroys it. The gate closes and MagnaAngemon is Patamon again. The dragon appears again but when it leaves Blackwargreymon leaves too. Cody tells TK that he understands why he hates the powers of darkness.
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