Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 33
Dub Name: A Chance Encounter
Japanese Name: Today Miyako is in Kyoto

Yolei is on a field trip in Kyoto. Izzy and Ken are talking. Izzy says that it is Ken's fault, that when his digivice turned into a D3 he must have wished for the Emperor's outfit. Izzy says that a lot of digidestined around the world were created when the digimon invaded four years ago. Yolei emails Poromon, whom Izzy is taking care of. Poromon is getting tired from spending so much time in the real world. Izzy says he's been watching Poromon for the past three days and he is getting worse. Ken decides to take Poromon with him to the Digital world. On the field trip Yolei is first souvenir shopping. After she finishes she sees Blackwargreymon in the sky. In the digital Blackwargreymon is destroying another Destiny Stone. Davis and the others arrive too late to stop him. The area warps and Blackwargreymon disappears and reappears in the real world. Yolei sees him being followed by shadows of other digimon. No one else seems to be able to see them. She ones after them but one of the shadows turns into Apemon. Apemon doesn't attack but runs away. Yolei emails the others telling them about the trouble but they are busy with Arukenimon and Mummymon.

Apemon attacks people taking pictures. Stingmon, Ken and Poromon arrive. Stingmon fights Apemon as Ken gives Poromon over to Yolei. Stingmon captures Apemon and Ken takes the digimon back to the Digital World. Yolei meets up with Joe's brother and Sora's dad, who is a college professor studying folklore. The professor asks about digimon since he is studying them. Stingmon arrives in the Digital World to find Ex-Veemon fighting Mummymon. They DNA digivolve to Paildramon.

Sora's dad tells Yolei that he studies digimon because four years ago Sora told him that it was because of the digimon that she and her mom became really good friends. He says the digimon are in Kyoto because it has a connection with spirits. Four gods live in harmony surrounding the city. There have been a lot of spirit gates and temples built near the city because of this. The car passes by the shadow digimon and Musyamon visualizes himself. Poromon digivolves to Hawkmon but it isn't enough to defeat Musyamon. Hawkmon then armor digivolves to Shurimon. Shurimon uses his double star attack as the digimon fight from rooftop to rooftop. Yolei asks Sora's dad for his laptop. She opens up a portal and sends Musyamon through. After that she sees Blackwargreymon and the shadow digimon disappear. Blackwargreymon arrives back in the digital world, stopping the fight between Arukenimon and the digidestined. Arukenimon and Mummymon follow after Blackwargreymon. There are now five Destiny Stones left. Yolei finishes off her field trip with her class.
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