Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 31
Dub Name: Opposites Attract
Japanese Name: Storm of Love Sylphymon

Elecmon and other digimon are running and hiding from Blackwargreymon. Arukenimon and Mummymon are tracking him by following the spatial disruption he is causing. At school Demiveemon tells the rest that they need to DNA digivolve for them to have a chance. They all try to figure out who each others partners are. Kari says that she feels sorry for Blackwargreymon because he is lonely and confused. He was only created to be a fighting machine. Yolei is nervous around Kari because they are so unalike. They all enter the digital world to destroy more control spires. Gatomon feels weird and realizes they are at the spot where she lost her tail ring. Davis decides that they need to find the ring and so they search for it. Ken and Wormmon are in the digital world. Ken says something doesn't feel right. He looks around and sees the Dark Ocean and screams.

Kari and Yolei hear his screams and run after him. They find Ken and he tells them about the Dark Ocean. Kari remembers her time there. The others are looking for the ring when Kari and Yolei run off. They try to find them but can't. Kari and the others are in a dark forest. They see Davis and call out to him but he can't hear them. They walk through each other. Davis hears voices but doesn't know that they are there. The fog around Kari, Yolei and Ken is getting thicker. Ken thinks it is all hopeless but Kari remains optimistic. Ken and Kari are talking and seem to be ignoring Yolei. She walks off by herself and sees a light in the valley. Yolei climbs down the cliff but slips. Kari grabs her wrist. Ken and Kari see the Dark Ocean and scream, having Kari and Yolei fall. Yolei wakes up to find themselves on a little cliff. The light she saw was a broken dark ring and not Gatomon's tail ring. Hawkmon tries to digivolve but can't. Yolei freaks out and Kari slaps her. Hawkmon and Gatomon scale the mountain. Kari apologizes to Yolei. She says she envies her because Yolei can say how she feels while Kari keeps her feelings inside of her. Gatomon and Hawkmon lower a rope and they climb up it to meet with Ken. Kari and Ken hear waves crashing and they run off. Kari and Ken are worried that the darkness is inside of their hearts. Ken thought he was the only one who ever saw the ocean before. At first Yolei doesn't see anything but then she sees the ocean. Yolei knows that the powers controlling the digital world are loosing their grip.

Arukenimon and Mummymon pass by the cliff they are on and see them fade in and out of sight. She uses her spirit needles to create Blossomon. Blossomon enters the hole in space and goes to the dark world. Kari and the others see the light behind Blossomon. The light allows Hawkmon and Wormmon to digivolve. Gatomon wants to digivolve but Kari freaks out. Aquilamon and Stingmon are attacking blossomon but it isn't enough. Kari thinks she won't be strong enough to defeat the darkness. Yolei slaps her and they come to bond with one another. A light shines on them and their digimon. Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA digivolve to form Silphymon. Blossomon attacks Silphymon but she blocks the attack. Silphymon uses Static Force attack and destroys Blossomon. The other digimon see the blast and head towards it. Kari, Ken and Yolei arrive back in the digital world and are reunited with the other digidestined. Ken leaves again once the others are together.
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