Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 29
Dub Name: Arukenimon's Tangled Web
Japanese Name: Archnemon The Spider Woman's Mistake

Dokugomon is getting ready to eat the digidestined while Ex-Veemon fights with Digmon and Stingmon. Ken tells Cody to contact the others since his hands are free. He emails the others but they are in trouble too. Cody finds a thermostat and an air conditioner. Ken grabs a rock with his legs and passes it to Davis, who bicycle kicks it, turning on the air conditioner. The web breaks and they land on a giant bed. Ex-Veemon is knocked through the ceiling and onto the bed as well. They jump of the bed and hide in a drawer. Digmon and Stingmon are trying to break their way in.

Ken comes up with the story of the moth and the bat. The moth confused the bat by mixing their sounds together. They come up with a plan to fight Arukenimon's flute playing. Yolei finds TK and Kari in the study. She turns on the giant computer. Yolei works the sound for her sister's drama club. Shurimon protects TK while he plugs the microphone in. They record Arukenimon's flute and cut out parts and mix it to create a new signal. They play the signal just as Digmon and Stingmon break into the drawer. The new signal makes the insects stop and return to normal. They now decide to go after Arukenimon. She jumps down on the bed and reveals her digimon form. She uses her Spider Thread attack but Ex-Veemon protects them. Yolei and the others soon arrive and they all attack but she is too quick for them. Arukenimon uses her Acid Mist attack.

Ex-Veemon and Stingmon digivolve to Paildramon. Paildramon attacks her and Arukenimon lands in the garbage can. They come up with a plan to trap Arukenimon in the dining room. Paildramon leads her there. Once there they use pepper shakers and bug spray on her. They finally electrocute her followed by Paildramon's Desperado Blaster. Arukenimon tells them that she lives for destroying the digital world. She says that they have no idea what the control spires are really for.

Mummymon, who is in love with Arukenimon, arrives and saves her. He attacks Paildramon and wraps the other digimon up in Snake Bandages. With the digimon all tied up they make their escape. Cody thanks Ken for saving his life and says he now owes Ken.

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