Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 28
Dub Name: The Insect Master’s Trap
Japanese Name: The Insect Users Trap

The digidestined return to the real world after spending the day destroying control spires. The digimon are eating and asking Demiveemon what it's like to DNA digivolve. In the digital world it is night and Ken and Stingmon are tired from destroying more control spires. Ken is worried about the side effects of DNA digivolving. Wormmon thinks that Ken is just worried about being with the others. Arukenimon is watching a tape of the digidestined destroying the control spires. Cody calls her creepy and Arukenimon gets insulted, thinking that they called her a witch. She emails the digidestined telling them to meet her at Giga House.

The digidestined enter the digital world. They find a big yellow house, over 200 feet tall, Giga House. Ken and Wormmon arrive, they received the email too. Ken tells the others to go home and that he'll take care of it. TK tells Ken and Davis to go in first. Cody decides to join them. They sneak into a kitchen window. An army of Roachmon come out of the stove. Outside Gatomon hears something coming their way. A swarm of Flymon attack. Veemon, Wormmon and Armadillomon digivolve and fight off the Roachmon. There are too many of the Roachmon to defeat them all. Everyone wants to DNA digivolve but Cody tells them not to because he doesn't want the roachmon to get hurt. Outnumbered they decide to run away.

Flymon are chasing the digidestined outside. Snimons soon join the chase. Pegasusmon breaks into Giga House and lets the others in. Kunemon next attack Ken and the others. They gang up on Stingmon. Ken and Stingmon fall into the washing machine and start to drown. Armadillomon digivolves to Submarimon. He dives into the washing machine and saves Ken. The others split up, Yolei going one way, TK and Kari going the other. Kari and TK are chased by the Snimon and hide in a giant study. Ken thanks Cody for saving him. Ken and the others hear a flute being played. They find Arukenimon playing it. Ken says that now is the time to DNA digivolve. The flute manages to control Stingmon and he attacks Ex-Veemon. Armadillomon digivolves to Digmon but the flute can control him too. They realize too late that the flute can control insect digimon.

Aquilamon is being chased and Kari and TK's location is found by the insect digimon after them. Digmon breaks the floor and the digidestined fall through it onto a spider's web. There they find Dokugomon, ready to eat them.

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