Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 27
Dub Name: Fusion Confusion
Japanese Name: The Invincible Fusion Paildramon

Paildramon faces off against Okuwamon. Paildramon seems to easily be fighting him off in the beginning. Paildramon tells the others to use the crest of kindness while he holds Okuwamon off. Arukenimon sends Okuwamon after the digidestined but Paildramon blocks him. Davis and Ken rush forward into the base, the others behind. They find the place for the crest and Ken puts it in, sealing in the power and shutting the reactor off. The base starts to disintegrate but the warping energy gets worse. Ken thinks the crest is meaningless. Cody says that there is something else wrong and wants Ken to tell them what it is. Ken notices pipes and follows them. Outside Paildramon and Okuwamon are still fighting. The digidestined follow the pipes, bringing them to the source of power. The tunnel they are following is blocked but Armadillomon and Hawkmon manage to clear a path. Okuwamon pulls Paildramon under the ground.

They finally find the source of power. It is a black tower that is giving off energy like they felt near the whirlpool and the dark ocean. Ken says it is the doorway that leads to the world of darkness. Paildramon uses Desperado blaster attack to destroy Okuwamon and goes into the base to save the digidestined. He arrives just as the black tower is about to explode. He uses his Desperado blaster attack on the tower, destroying it. The warping is returned to normal. Outside again Paildramon destroys the rest of the base. He reverts back to his two baby forms, Leafmon and Chibomon. Ken still feels that he doesn't deserve to be their friends so he and Leafmon leave, needing time to think.

Back in the real world, Cody still wonders if they can truly trust Ken. The next morning they meet with Izzy. He explains to them about DNA digivolving, like what happened in the past with Omnimon. He tells them how the powers that protect the digital world used the eight crests from the original digidestined to cover the world with beauty and peace. In doing so they stopped the forces of darkness but their digimon cannot go to ultimate. Davis says that he is ready to fight Arukenimon but before they enter the digital world Izzy's mom enters with snacks.

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