Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 26
Dub Name: United We Stand
Japanese Name: Jogress Evolution! Now our hearts are one

The digidestined are rebuilding a bridge. They decide to take a rest and feed their digimon. Yolei is scared that Ken is in danger from the woman. Ken and Stingmon are destroying control spires. He wonders how Arukenimon, the evil woman, can turn them into digimon. After the bridge is finished they decide to leave. Arukenimon watches them and uses Spirit Needle to turn the control spire into Minotaurmon. Minotaurmon heads towards the bridge to destroy it. Veemon armor digivolves to Raidramon. Raidramon attacks but Minotaurmon knocks him into the water. Hawkmon digivolves to Aquilamon. He picks up Minotaurmon but drops him on the bridge. Gatomon and Patamon armor digivolve and use their Golden Noose attack. Raidramon uses Thunder blast to destroy Minotaurmon but also part of the bridge as well. The digidestined are now faced with rebuilding the bridge again. Davis thinks they should ask Ken for help but the others are against it. Cody is not convinced at all. Davis believes the digiegg and crest of kindness made Ken good now.

Izzy emails them. There is a bizarre signal coming frm where Ken's base went down. The digidestined arrive at the fallen emperor's base. There is a major power source there that is about to explode. Davis emails Ken for help. Ken and Stingmon are tired from destroying control spires all day. They go home to find Arukenimon on his computer. Ken yells at her because she keeps calling him. Smoke is coming out of the emperor's base. The phone rings at Ken's house. Arukenimon says Ken was used and anyone could have filled his shoes as the emperor. The control spires weren't his idea. Wormmon answers the phone and it's Izzy. Izzy tells him it's an emergency. Ken wants to know why it was him that was picked. Wormmon tells Ken about the phone call and gives him the phone. Izzy tells Ken to take his crest to the digital world where his base used to be. He tells Ken that the power of his crest is the only thing that hold off the power coming from his base.

Arukenimon confronts the digidestined. She uses ten spirit needles to turn control spires into Okuwamon. All the digimon digivolve but Okuwamon defeats them. Ken and Wormmon arrive. Wormmon digivolves and Stingmon attacks Okuwamon. Davis wants Ken's crest but he says it is his responsibility. Ken and Stingmon want to fight it alone. Davis hits Ken; he is tired of him wanting to go it alone. Davis convinces Ken that they are friends. Both of their digivices glow and they can feel each others heart beats. Ex-Veemon and Stingmon DNA digivolve into Paildramon.

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