Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 25
Dub Name: Spirit Needle
Japanese Name: Knight of The Sky, Aquilamon

At school Kari and Davis have lunch room duty. Davis doesnít think Ken is that bad and he wants him to join their team. Cody is still mad at him. TK is the only one that agrees with Davis. After school Davis says hi to Ken. He wants Ken to meet with the others. Davis knows that they need Kenís help and tells Ken that he is one of the digidestined. Ken says he canít join them. TK is listening to them and agrees with Davis on forgiving Ken. Yolei talks with her family and is starting to become convinced about Ken too. In the digital world Stingmon destroys Snimon. The next day Mimi and Yukimibotamons are having a picnic. Palmon is off getting marshmallows when she sees the evil woman at a control spire. The woman puts a Spirit Needle into the spire and it turns into an evil digimon. Palmon runs to Mimi for help but Golemon attacks her.

Golemon is going to destroy the dam and flood the nearby town. Mimi calls the other digidestined for help. They arrive in the digital world and the armor digimon go after Golemon. They try to get him off the dam but he is too strong. They look for a dark ring but canít find one. Golemon defeats the armor digimon and breaks a hole in the dam. The digimon now have to stop the water from flooding the town. Nefertimon plugs the hole in the dam with her Rosetta Stone attack while the others build a new dam out of trees. Golemon is back on the dam trying to destroy it more. Davis wants to destroy Golemon but Yolei and Cody donít want to. Mimi tells the others to ask Ken for help.

Golemon defeats Shurimon and the other armor digimon. Golemon goes to destroy the dam but Stingmon blocks him. Palmon tells them that Golemon is not a real digimon but a control spire. TK says that is why Ken has been destroying digimon, because they are really control spires and not digimon. Yolei realizes she was wrong about Ken. Hawkmon digivolves to Aquilamon and helps Stingmon fight off Golemon. They combine their attacks to delete Golemon. Ken says that he is sorry for what he has done. Davis wants Ken to join the team but he walks away. Yolei emails him, also asking him to join them.
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