Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 24
Dub Name: If I Had a Tail Hammer
Japanese Name: Armor of Earth, Ankylomon

A woman is standing on an apartment building, spying on Ken. Ken is eating dinner with his parents. Ken goes to sleep with Minomon when his computer turns on and the woman enters his room through it. She says that he wasted his potential as the digimon emperor. In the digital world the digidestined are repairing Primary Village. They start to wonder what Ken is up to now. They donít think that he will return to the digital world. Cody says that he can never forgive him. They return to the real world and Cody goes off to Kendo practice. After practice his grandfather gives him liquid yogurt packages and advice. The next day they are all in the computer lab. They return to Primary Village. The Punimon there want to play with them. Veemon tries to digivolve but canít. He tries again and fails again. Kari and TK leave the village while the others rebuild it. Gatomon and Patamon try to digivolve but canít. They think that the control spires are still active.

Davis and Veemon are given the job of looking after the Punimon while the others rebuild. Davis teaches them soccer. Cody and Digmon are getting back to work when Thundermon attacks. There is an explosion and Digmon dedigivolves to Armadillomon. With Cody in danger Armadillomon is able to digivolve to champion, Ankylomon. He knocks Thundermon down and they go above ground. Thundermon attacks Cody again but Stingmon saves him. The other digidestined arrive to see Stingmon delete Thundermon. Ken arrives and Stingmon dedigivolves to Wormmon. They see the other digidestined and leave. They go back to playing soccer when they notice that the control spire in the area is gone. Back at home during Kendo practice Cody cannot figure out why Ken helped him.
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