Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 23
Dub Name: Genesis of Evil
Japanese Name: When the Digivice is seeped in Darkness

Ken is sleeping in his bed. His parents are worried because all he does is sleep since he returned. Ken wants things to go back to the way they were. He dreams about when he was younger and his older brother Sam helped him blow bubbles. Ken always did it better because of how much gentler he was. All the neighbors are impressed with Sam though because he is very smart. Sam gets all the praise while Ken is ignored. Ken wished Sam disappeared. One night a digivice came out of Samís computer. Sam told Ken to stay away from it and put it in his drawer. When Sam was away Ken picked up the digivice and entered the computer and the digital world with it. When Sam returned he was upset with Ken for having broken his trust.

Sam has an accident and dies. Ken finds an email on Samís computer addressed to him. The email says that Ken now must bear the burden of destiny for both Sam and Ken. Ken must become even smarter than Sam. If the burden becomes too great the other world can set Ken free. The email goes on to tell him to use the digivice. Ken arrives back in the digital world. He is at the Dark Ocean and beach. He places the digivice into the ocean and it becomes the black D3. Back at home his parents are worried that they put too much pressure on Ken when Sam died. They realize they pressured both of their children into being geniuses and not normal kids. Ken is still asleep trying to find his heart. He wishes he was still that little kid that blew bubbles. Ken wakes up and doesnít know who his parents are. His parents apologize for trying to turn him into Sam. They ask for his forgiveness. His mother cries and Ken starts to cry too. Ken is releaved that he can cry because he only used to feel numb.

The next day Ken finds his D3 and Crest and remembers Wormmon. He enters the digital world. Moments later his mom enters his room and finds him gone again. Ken enters Primary Village looking for Wormmonís egg. The other babies there are mad at Ken for being the Emperor. Ken breaks down and cries, upset over what he had done and that he will never see Wormmon again. He remembers the first time he was in the digital world. Wormmon called him gentle and kind. Kenís crest glows and a nearby digiegg glows as well. Ken rushes over to it and Leafmon is born. His parents are crying when he returns home. Ken recognizes his parents, his memories returning to him. Ken and his parents ask each other for a second chance.
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