Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 22
Dub Name: Davis Cries Wolfmon
Japanese Name: Brave Evolution! XV-Mon

All of the digidestined are in class. In gym TK beats Davis at basketball. After class they all head off to the computer lab. Yolei and the others want to have fun but Davis says they have to rebuild the digital world first. They split up, each taking a different area. TK has the mountains, Cody the city, Kari the farmland, Davis the lake and Yolei the beach. While helping rebuild the digital world Kari and TK get together and discuss their worries. They both think that there is another reason why they are in the digital world, a new evil that they must face. Davis and Veemon talk about impressing Kari and Gatomon. In order to do so Veemon must digivolve to champion. A monster attacks them and Veemon cannot digivolve.

The monster turns out to be Numemon in disguise. Davis hired them to scare Veemon into digivolving. Veemon gets mad at Davis for trying to trick him. They are now on a bridge. Davis cuts the ropes and they start to fall. Davis is trying to get Veemon to digivolve but they just fall into the river. A landslide happens and a giant boulder is rolling behind them. They run and the boulder crashes into Tortomon. Tortomon gets mad at them and chases them. They run past Kari and TK and try to get them to help but they just hide. They run some more and encounter Cody. Cody goes to help using his Kendo techniques but when he sees Tortomon he hides. Davis and Veemon now run into Yolei and Hawkmon. Yolei canít help them and they run into they reach the edge of a cliff. Veemon tries his Vee head butt attack but is knocked down. Trapped Veemon finally digivolves into Ex-Veemon. Ex-Veemon uses his V-Laser attack to knock Tortomon off the cliff. Tortomon is on the beach and instead of going back to the fighting washes his hands in the ocean. Davis and Ex-Veemon return to the others, happy that Veemon finally digivolved.
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