Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 21
Dub Name: The Crest of Kindness
Japanese Name: Goodbye Ken-chan

Magnamon gives energy back to all the other digimon. Kimeramon enters the engine room. Ken says that Magnamon still doesn't have enough power to defeat him. Wormmon, Davis and the others leave as Kimeramon starts to destroy the base. Wormmon shows Ken that Kimeramon is no longer following orders.
Magnamon uses his magna punches and kicks to fight off Kimeramon. Kimeramon uses his Heat Viper attack and it almost hits Ken. Kimeramon goes after Ken but Magnamon distracts him. Wormmon tells Ken that he is his friend and not Magnamon. Ken is getting ready to whip Wormmon when the digidestined arrive. They tell Ken that digimon are not toys, they are alive. They try to convince Ken that Wormmon is his friend. Ken says Kimeramon is the only digimon suitable for him. The base has sustained too much damage from Kimeramon and falls out of the sky.

The rest of the digimon armor digivolve. Digmon breaks a hole in the base and the others fly out of it. Kimeramon and Magnamon are now fighting outside of the base. Magnamon uses his Magna blast attack but it barely slows Kimeramon down. Magnamon is running out of strength and power. Ken is cheering on Kimeramon while Wormmon is cheering for Magnamon. Ken whips Wormmon again. Kimeramon is crushing Magnamon in his hand. Wormmon cries out and tries to convince Ken to change his ways. Wormmon and Magnamon begin to glow. Wormmon attacks Ken and then takes a Devidramon to attack Kimeramon. Wormmon gives all of his energy to Magnamon and falls to the ground. Magnamon is fully recharged and uses Magna Explosion to delete Kimeramon. Magnamon reverts back to Demiveemon, underneath him in the sand is the Crest of Kindness.

Ken is crying now. He says he now has to reset the digital world on his computer but the others tell him that the digital world is a real place. Ken finally realizes he caused the digimon pain. The emperor’s clothes disintegrate and he is wearing his regular clothes from Earth. Ken goes to Wormmon and says it is too late for him to change. The crest of kindness goes to Ken. He picks up Wormmon and apologizes to him. Wormmon tells Ken goodbye and is deleted. Ken cries even more, upset that he couldn’t save Wormmon, just like he couldn’t save his brother. Ken walks away with Davis calling after him to join the digidestined. June arrives at the campsite. Izzy goes off to look for the others. The digidestined return to the real world and everyone is reunited. Matt's dad forces Matt to take June back home on a bus while the others go in his father’s car. On the way home they hear over the radio that Ken has returned home.
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