Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 20
Dub Name: The Darkness Before Dawn
Japanese Name: Supreme Evolution! Golden Magnamon

Kimeramon is going throughout the digital world destroying cities. The emperorís base follows him and erects control spires wherever it passes. Cody sees it and has an idea. The base is going to pass right over an oil pipeline. He emails Izzy about his plan. Ken continues to hear Devimonís laughter in his head. Wormmon doesnít hear anything and wonders what is tormenting Ken. As the base passes over the pipeline Agumon, Gabumon and Tentomon open it. Oil comes out and hits the base. They set the oil and parts of the base on fire. The plan was for the fire to create a diversion so the digidestined can enter. In a tunnel in the base they find an antenna. Below the antenna is a chamber that is the engine room.

Ken realizes the digidestined have entered his base and send Bakemon after them. They defeat those Bakemon and go deeper into the base. Kimeramon breaks through the ceiling where the digidestined are. Raidramon tells the digidestined to leave while he and the other armor digimon take care of Kimeramon. Kimeramon uses Heat Viper to knock all of the armor digimon down. They attack him but their attacks do nothing. Kimeramon uses Heat Viper again and all of the digimon dedigivolve to their in-training or rookie forms. Ken sees the in-training digimon and realizes that he saw them at the soccer game in the real world. He thinks that the digimon are like babies and orders Kimeramon to stop his attack. He wants to deal with the digidestined on his own.

The others want to give up but Davis wonít let them. He refuses to let any more digimon get hurt. He leaves the others behind and heads towards the engine room. The others decide to follow but Ken unleashes Kimeramon again. Kimeramon doesnít listen to Ken this time and flies away. Ken hears Devimonís laughter. Wormmon starts to get worried and wants to find a way to protect Ken. Davis heads towards the engine room when Wormmon gets in his way. Wormmon says he will take Davis to the room because he wants to protect Ken. They enter the room and find the power source that makes the base move. It is a black digiegg. Davis lifts it and the power goes out. A light shines from the egg and Demiveemon digivolves to Veemon. The now Golden
Digiegg goes to Davis and Veemon golden armor digivolves to Magnamon.
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