Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 19
Dub Name: An Old Enemy Returns
Japanese Name: The Synthetic Demon Beast Chimeramon

The other digimon can't sleep because Davis is snoring too loudly. TK, Tentomon and Cody leave the others behind and head towards the emperor's base. Kari and Yolei then wake up and decide to leave Davis behind as well and head for the base. At the camp site, Tai receives an email from Kari telling them the location of the emperor. June is trying to take a bus to the camp site but it leaves without her so she gets a ride from her grandparents. Underwater Cody and Submarimon find the emperor's headquarters. A whirlpool forms nearby, almost right under TK and Pegasusmon. Ken sees the whirlpool and calls it the Dark Pool. It is the gateway to Ultimate Darkness. Evil itself is in the pool. Wormmon says to avoid the pool but Ken just kicks him.

Cody sneaks into the base. TK can't contact him via the D3. TK and Pegasusmon are feeling strange. Cody and Armadillomon are in the base searching it. Armadillomon feels cold but Cody feels nothing. Ken moves the base towards the whirlpool. Cody finds the emperor's slaves in cells and starts to free them. Davis wakes up, wondering how to get to the others. He wants to make a canoe out of a tree but when he pushes on the tree the part of the island breaks off and heads towards the base.

The base enters the whirlpool. TK and Tentomon try to find a way into the base. They find the cave that Cody used. Ken sends Mekanorimon into the whirlpool but shadows take them away. Ken enters a Mekanorimon and enters the whirlpool. There he finds Devimon. Ken wants to assimilate Devimon but a voice warns him to beware of the darkness. Digmon is freeing the others when TK and Tentomon arrive. TK sees Devimon and has a flashback to when he first defeated him. TK throws down his hat and walks off to face Devimon while the others continue to free the captive digimon.

Ken uses part of Devimon to finish his masterpiece. Kari and Yolei are flying towards the base. Ken awakens his creation and sends it after them. His creation is Kimeramon, a fusion of the most powerful parts of other digimon. It easily knock Halsemon and Nefertimon out of the sky. Digmon, Cody and Tentomon leave the base after freeing all of the captives. TK meets with Ken. TK calls Ken a pretender. Ken wants TK to bow before him and takes out a whip and whips TK across the face. TK then punches Ken.

Halsemon and Nefertimon are fighting Kimeramon but its no use. At the same time Wormmon is fighting Patamon. Patamon digivolves to Pegasusmon when he finds that the others are in trouble. Ken goes off the regroup while the armor digimon hold off Kimeramon while the digidestined escape. Davis finally reunites with the others who have escaped from Kimeramon.

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