Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 18
Dub Name: Run Yolei Run
Japanese Name: Pursuit to the Kaiser's Base

In the digital world Cody and Izzy are climbing a mountain. When they look down into the valley they find hundreds of control spires and the emperor's slaves fighting each other. They find a strange dome, which they think is the emperor's headquarters. Kuwagamon spots them causing Armadillomon to digivolve to digmon. Cody and Izzy slide down the mountain to try and escape while Digmon holds off Kuwagamon. The emperor soon finds them, riding on the back of a devidramon. Digmon digs a hole underneath them allowing them to escape. Clear of the spire Tentomon digivolves to take them further away.

Back in the real world they tell the others that they found hundreds of spires and the emperor's base. They decide to destroy the headquarters and to not return to the real world until they do. Tai and the older kids will go on a camping trip and tell the younger kids' parents that they are with them so no one gets suspicious. Matt's dad will act as a chaperon. The next day they enter the digiport and the younger kids go through it. Tai, Matt and Izzy are with Matt's dad ready to go camping when June comes along. She wants to go with them so Matt tells her to close her eyes so he can give her a present. While her eyes are closed they pull away.

Cody is back climbing the mountain. Tentomon tells them that the base is gone.Yolei runs down the mountain to where the base was. Dokugumon comes out and attacks her. Hawkmon blocks the Poison Thread attack and is injured. Veemon digivolves to Flamedramon while the others pull Yolei and Hawkmon out of the valley. Flamedramon uses his Fire Rocket attack to destroy the dark spiral. Hawkmon is now bandaged up. Yolei is crying over it. She tells the others to go find the emperor while she stays behind. Kari and Gatomon decide to stay with her in case the emperor;s slaves come.

While searching for the base Cody sees a shadow. Wormmon is on a computer getting parts from all different digimons. Hawkmon wakes up. Gatomon has found catnip, a healing herb, for him. That night Hawkmon is back to his old self. They hear a noise and find the emperor's base flying, just like Yolei suggested. In his base the emperor creates an evil digimon, which he calls his "ultimate program".

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