Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 16
Dub Name: 20,000 Digileagues Under the Sea
Japanese Name: Submarimon's Escape from the Sea Floor

The digidestined are trapped beneath the ocean in an oil rig by Megaseadramon their air supply is running out. Cody flashes back to how they got trapped. They were searching for a digiegg at the oil rig. Cody rushed forward into the rig followed by the others. Megaseadramon then trapped them there. The room they were in started to flood until Veemon managed to seal the room. The water can't get into the room now but they can't get out either.

Cody is terrified of the ocean. Patamon finds an emergency ejection vehicle but it can only hold one person. They all agree that Cody should use it. Cody doesn't want to so Yolei suggests they all draw straws and the one with the red tipped straw goes. Cody goes first and wins but he then knocks all the straws out of Yolei's hand, revealing them all to be red tipped. Davis and TK drag Cody into the ejection vehicle. Cody is then freed from the oil rig and makes it back to the real world. In the real world he tries to find Joe but he is taking a test. The air is running out in the oil rig. TK tries to dig and find the digiegg. The others start to help him. Cody doesn't know what to do to get Joe out of the test. His grandfather told him anything in the world is better than lying but he has to lie to get Joe to help the others. He tells the school that Joe's dad is injured so Joe is allowed to leave the test. Cody apologizes to Joe but he says it's ok. Joe calls Izzy and asks him to track down an old friend.

The digidestined find the digiegg. They all try to lift it but can't, meaning that it belongs to Cody. Through a portal Yolei sees Ikkakumon approaching but he is attacked by Megaseadramon. Ikkakumon attacks with his Harpoon Torpedo attack and Megaseadramon counters with Lightning Javelin. Whamon arrives and knocks a hole in the rig so the others can escape with him. Joe and Cody are with Whamon. The others tell Cody about the egg belonging to him but he doesn't want it. Joe convinces Cody to take the egg. Cody opens the egg and Armadillomon armor digivolves to Submarimon. Everyone else leaves on Whamon as Cody boards Submarimon. Submarimon and Ikkakumon are now fighting Megaseadramon. Ikkakumon provides a diversion so that Submarimon can attack from the rear. He uses his Oxygen Torpedo attack to destroy the dark spiral. Later Joe tells Cody that sometimes it is ok to lie if it doesn't hurt anybody. At his base The Digimon Emperor is formulating a secret plan.

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