Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 14
Dub Name: Samurai of Sincerity
Japanese Name: Shurimon of Gales

Mimi is at a party with her friends. Izzy is wondering what is special about Kari and how could she enter the digital world without a D-3. In the meantime a portal opens in America near Mimi so he emails her. In the digital world the digidestined are tired and hungry. They find a restaurant. TK remembers the place but doesn't know why. Digitamamon gives them their food and when it comes time to pay they don't have any money. He tells them to work off their debt but Mimi and her digidestined friend Michael arrive and tell them that they will pay the bill. Mimi tells them that Michael first became a digidestined when he saw Gorillamon in NYC the same time Myotismon was in Tokyo. Michael's partner is Betamon. After talking with Digitamamon, he agrees to forget the bill.

They feel an earthquake and Gorillamon is outside. He attacks them but Digitamamon blocks it. Betamon digivolves to Seadramon and takes Gorillamon under water. He seems to be in trouble so Palmon digivolves. Together with Seadramon they manage to destroy the dark spiral. Yolei looks for Digitamamon but can't find him. TK and Kari go off to look for him. While they are gone Digitamamon comes back and wants them to pay again. Hawkmon digivolves but Digitamamon easily knocks him down. Veemon and Armadillomon digivolve and attack but his shell blocks it. Mimi runs between them to stop them from attacking. She tries to make Digitamamon their friend but he attacks her. Mimi still asks the others not to attack him. Yolei then yells at Digitamamon because Mimi doesn't have a bad bone in her body and he attacked for no reason. The digiegg of Sincerity comes to Yolei. She opens it and Hawkmon digivolves to Shurimon. Shurimon uses his Double Star attack but Digitamamon's shell still blocks it. Shurimon finds the dark spiral in his shell. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon use their golden noose to hold him down while Shurimon destroys the spiral. Digitamamon thanks Yolei for saving him. On the way home, Michael asks Yolei out on a date.

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