Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 13
Dub Name: His Master's Voice
Japanese Name: Dagomon's Call

Before school Kari is worried over the dream she keeps on having. She meets up with TK and snaps at him. Gatomon tells Patamon that Kari has been having bad dreams lately. In math class Kari sees a fog around her. She looks down and her feet are in water. TK notices Kari but she looks very staticy. He calls out to her in class and she almost faints. She goes to the nurse but on the way hears water dripping and senses someone behind her. She turns around to see dark shapes with red eyes following her. After math class ends TK goes to the nurse searching for Kari. She's not there so he searches over the entire school. He finally runs outside and finds her on a bench. Kari tells TK that digimon are trying to take her to their world, somewhere near a beach. TK says he cares for Kari. Kari decides to walk home alone. Gatomon notices the static around Kari and when a truck blocks her vision Kari is gone in the next second. TK finds the others in the computer lab. Gatomon arrives and tell them that Kari disappeared. Kari is on a beach in a different world. In the distance she sees a light house that shines dark light.

Yolei can't pinpoint Kari's location in the digital world. TK says she is not in the digital world, she is at the beach. Kari is walking around the dark world. She finds a tunnel and enters it. She hears voices asking her to help them. She notices the red eyes and they reveal themselves to be Scubamon. They tell her that one day they were serving their undersea master and the next day they ended up in the tunnel. They cannot go to the ocean because a dark man put spirals on all of them and made them his slave. Kari tries to help them but the roof of the tunnel starts to collapse. They run out into the open and find Airdramon overhead. It attacks them and they run. TK finds a portal and sees Kari. With Patamon and Gatomon they jump through it. They arrive in the dark world. Patamon digivolves to Pegasusmon and fights off Airdramon. They look for the control spire and find it disguised as the light house. Pegasusmon destroys the lighthouse and the control spire allowing Gatomon to digivolve to Angewomon. Angewomon uses Heaven's Charm to delete Airdarmon and free the Scubamon. The Scubamon turn into dark shadows. They want to make Kari their queen and have her return to their world with them. Angewomon makes them retreat into the ocean but they warn her that their master will be after her soon. They return home but out of the ocean arises their master, Dragomon.

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