Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 12
Dub Name: The Good, The Bad and The Digi
Japanese Name: The Duel at the Digimon Ranch

Airdramon is chasing after Biyomon. He shoots and knocks her out of the sky. Sora runs out of tennis practice when she realizes Biyomon is in danger. Demiveemon and Cody receive the emergency call from Biyomon as well. They run into Yolei on the street. Cody, Yolei, Davis and Sora meet in the computer lab and enter the digital world. They arrive in a sand storm in the desert. They find a Wild West town but not a control spire. They hear a player piano so they go to the saloon it is in. There Starmon welcomes them with glasses of milk. Sora asks him about Biyomon and he shows her a wanted poster. Starmon says the emperor has a reward out for the capture of Biyomon. Sora asks for his help but he reveals a dark ring under his cowboy hat. The digidestined run out of the saloon but Starmon chases after them and uses his Meteor shower attack to knock them down. He locks them in jail where they find Biyomon. Biyomon tells them the story of how she was captured by Starmon.

Veemon tries to head butt his way out of the cell but can't. Armadillomon is too weak to dig out. Biyomon hears a noise and Deputymon enters. Deputymon removes all of his clothes revealing he doesn't have a dark ring. He says that he will free only the girls because boys cheat at cards. He takes the girls away before Starmon enters. He is going to eat when he notices that the girls are gone and chases after Deputymon. While Deputymon is playing cards with the girls Veemon and Armadillomon eat through the ropes that tied Davis and Cody up. Davis lassos the food Starmon left behind and feeds it to the digimon. Armadillomon digivolves and digs them out of the cell. Veemon armor digivolves to Raidramon. Starmon finds Deputymon and interrupts their card game. Starmon and Deputymon decide to have a shoot out. Deputymon turns around first but allows Starmon the first shot. He uses his meteor shower attack again to defeat Deputymon. Raidramon and the others arrive but Starmon defeats them with Meteor shower.

Veemon then digivolves to Flamedramon, who is a better fighter. Flamedramon uses Fire rocket to knock Starmon down, revealing the control spire. They destroy the spire and free Starmon. After the battle is over Deputymon convinces them all to play cards. The Emperor designs a new, more powerful, dark spiral.

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