Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 10
Dub Name: The Captive Digimon
Japanese Name: The Enemy is Metal Greymon

Tai and Izzy join the others in the computer lab.They want to go and save Agumon but Yolei doesn't want to go. Yolei and Izzy stay behind while the others enter the digital world. The emperor is working on a way to improve upon the dark rings. He has Greymon dark digivolve into Skullgreymon again and again but he still can't control him. Skullgreymon tries to escape but cannot and reverts back to Greymon. Tentomon greets the digidestined as they arrive in the digital world. They find a control spire protected by Woodmon. Flamedramon easily defeats Woodmon and destroys the spire. Yolei is having second thoughts about staying behind. Tentomon has found Agumon in Rail Town. He tells Izzy. Yolei asks Izzy if she can tell the others the news. Wormmon takes the dark ring off of Agumon so that Ken would be forced to use him. Ken has created the dark spiral but finds that Agumon is gone.

The Digidestined arrive in Rail Town. A train, driven by Agumon, passes by them. Agumon is reunited with Tai and the others. The Emperor then arrives in Rail Town. Darktyrannomon and Airdramons surround them. Veemon and Armadillomon digivolve and fight off the Darktyrannomon. Gatomon and Patamon digivolve to fight off the Airdramon. Agumon and Tai face off against the emperor. The emperor puts a dark spiral on Agumon and causes him to dark digivolve to the virus Metalgreymon. Tai tries to make him remember who he is but Metalgreymon attacks. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon use their Golden Noose attack. Metalgreymon struggles but breaks free and uses his Giga Blaster attack on all of them. The Emperor leaves with Metalgreymon under his control. Yolei and Matt arrive to help. Tai thinks it is all his fault and Matt punches him. They all now all ready to fight off Agumon.

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