Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 9
Dub Name: The Emperor's New Home
Japanese Name: The Evil Ring's Magic Runs Wild

Wormmon tries to cheer Ken up but he only gets kicked to the side. Ken watches an interview of him by a TV news reporter. The report is on how perfect he is. He has a flashback to his home and dinner with his parents. Ken is starting to get depressed over everything. At school Davis tells the others that Ken is the emperor. Izzy says to track him down and find him in the real world. Izzy finds the apartment where Ken lives. Ken's mom and dad cannot find Ken in his room. Instead on his computer screen is a note saying goodbye to them. The digidestined arrive at his apartment to find the police. They overhear that Ken has run away. Back in school they find that a lot more control spires have been created since before. They are ready to fight back so enter the digital world and arrive in a land of fire. Wormmon wants to fight for Ken but he won't let him. Instead he decides to capture Greymon.

Meramons come out of the fire and attack the digidestined. Flamedramon tries to fight them off but only makes them stronger. Halsemon uses his Tempest Wing attack which makes the Meramon bigger. Ken and Airdramons find Greymon. He puts a dark ring on him and forces him to digivolve into Skullgreymon. Armadillomon digivolves and as Digmon knocks the Meramon back into the lava pit. The Meramon come out of the pit and are attacked by Nerfertimon and Pegasusmon. They manage to free the Meramon from the dark rings just as Skullgreymon and the emperor arrive. The armor digimon attack Skullgreymon but he easily defeats them, turning them back into rookies. Skullgreymon then destroys the control spire with his Dark Shot attack. The emperor calls out an army of Darktyrannomon. They all attack Skullgreymon but he easily knocks them all around. Skullgreymon, using up all of his energy, reverts to Agumon. Airdramon captures Agumon again.The digidestined return home to find that the entire area Agumon was guarding is back under the emperor's control.

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